Small Town Stories,  P*

To the kind woman two streets over,

You have absolutely no idea the joy you brought to my five year old son tonight.

His “Big Buzz” toy broke beyond repair a while back, which was devastating for my Toy Story obsessed kid.

After weeks of scouring Facebook marketplace for one, I made a post in a community group I’m in for my beautiful new town. I asked if anyone might have a “Big Buzz” they no longer needed, more than willing to pay for it.

You could have easily scrolled by, but instead you reached out and told me you had one that your son no longer played with… and that he would be happy to pass it on to a new home where it could be loved.

When I saw that you lived just two streets over from us, it felt like fate.

P *ran* the entire way to your home. As he gingerly picked up the “new” Big Buzz in his hands, the joy and excitement emanating from his little body was palpable. He has been very anxious about starting school soon, but tonight he absolutely radiated happiness… and I owe that to you.

After letting Buzz “fall with style” the whole way home, he’s tucked up in his bed with his arms wrapped around his new prized possession.

I am continuously blown away by the kindness of others. This little town has absolutely stolen my heart.

Thank you. A million times over.

Me (& P)

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