The One With No Hot Water*

My husband is a wizard.

He works from home 80% of the time now, but today he actually had to go in… so naturally the hot water tank died. I realized this as I was bathing the kids after my yoga workout, which left me with noooo hot water for my shower.

It was… refreshing. And very fast.

I was convinced we’d need to bring someone in after attempting to reset the hot water tank with no luck. Have you ever read the safety warnings on the side of one of those things? If you haven’t, it basically reads “IF YOU TAMPER WITH ME I WILL EXPLODE AND YOU WILL DIE.”

I like to live, so my contribution was basically pulling out the power cord and putting it back in and then running away in case that made it blow up. (It didn’t.) I also pressed some buttons so I felt like I helped a lot.

M came home after work, pulled the front panel off and went to work. He chatted with a friend at work who had some experience with this, glanced at the manual and dug in. Within an hour, it was humming along as if had never stopped. I swear, his handy man powers will never cease to amaze me.

I’m so excited for a hot shower tomorrow!

Today felt so full. Yoga and baths for the kids this morning, then it was time for our grocery pickup. There was an obscene wait for that, so when we got home it was a whirlwind of putting things sort of away while trying to whip up a quick lunch for the kids. This afternoon I put a movie on for the boys, then S and I snuck upstairs to watch a bit more of Anne of Green Gables. Today we saw Gilbert Propose (for the first time) and S is SO in love with this story.


After that I gave myself an hour to try and clean SOMETHING in my house today, then it was out for more errands. I found a lady nearby that makes cloth masks, and ordered some new ones for Miss S and I. We came back just in time to start dinner–BBQ Haddock, sweet potatoes and green beans.

Tonight was a bit of an adventure. Dinner was late, but M wanted to go out and help S build her new bike that finally arrived in the mail today. I figured we’d play on the front lawn for a bit while he worked then herd the kids into bed as per usual.

That quick play time turned into building the full bike, which naturally meant testing it out. That led to H wanting his bike too, which led to P wanting his. That led to him getting frustrated that he couldn’t keep up to the big kids, which led to M removing his training wheels to start teaching him how to ride without them. That led to them disappearing down the block, which gave me a quiet minute on my front lawn to call my mom. That led to me being on the phone when they got back, and them deciding they wanted to go for a walk before I could insert any “bedtime obejctions”. (I’m secretly glad.) That led to a glorious adventure through the neighbourhood at NINE pm, which led to three tired kids and one exhausted Dad collapsing into bed at 9:30.

That led to me having a quiet house to write.

It was

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