The One Without a Title*

As much as I love these gorgeous sunny days, I’m so ready for rain.

It’s pretty much been 30+ degrees for two weeks straight and my lawn is so brown it’s crispy. I should probably water it… but at the same time I also kinda feel like that’s Mother Nature’s job since my plate is already kinda full with the whole keeping three small humans alive thing.

(C’mon, Mama Nature. Let’s get it together here.)

Today was a beautiful, busy day. I woke up early and slipped out for a run–this morning I finished Week 8 of my C25K so there’s only ONE run left until it’s finished. I feel really proud about it! I’m terrible at sticking with any kind of exercise regime so anytime I finish anything I feel like a million bucks.

We had “Zoom Church” after that. As much as I miss the recharge I get from actually being in the building with my church community, I gotta admit–I love being able to listen from my couch. It’s glorious to not have that hurried rush out the door that inevitably happens EVERY week. Now I can holler at my kids to get into the living room and we can just be together. I like that.

The rest of the day was a mish mash of getting things done. We went for a drive, tidied up a little and hung one of the doors I painted yesterday. The frame on the other door still needs a lot of work, so I’m not home free yet.

I made homemade burgers for dinner, and I kinda love that that’s our new thing. I always thought that it was soooo hard to make a good homemade burger, but it’s totally not. I definitely count this as a COVID accomplishment.

We went for spin around the block after dinner–the kids rode their bikes while M and I walked and talked leisurely in the rear. I love these quiet moments we can steal together in this happy chaos we call life. We FINALLY got P off his balance bike and he’s riding his new (to him) two wheeler + training wheels like a pro. We definitely went too far and he was exhausted by the end, but did it. What a champ.

The kids all rode hard, so we celebrated with Gatorade, popcorn and our new family show–The Floor is Lava. It’s absolutely ridiculous and we LOVE it. The kids pick their favourites and root them on from the couch. (We’re very supportive.)

We just finished hauling them into bed, and I came downstairs to find my lovely husband cleaning the kitchen for me, so I thought I’d sneak on here for a minute. You know. Priorities.

There was a time when P was new that life with three kids just felt so overwhelming and impossible. I couldn’t even imagine this life because I was just so focused on trying to survive each day. I’m so glad we’re here.

It’s such a good life. ❤️

(Up next is an exciting evening of budgeting. You wish you were us. I know.)

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