I Went Out Into the World*

It feels like a gloriously lazy summer day.

It’s hazy and hot–the kids of weather that makes you move a little more slowly because it’s too warm to want to do anything.

I’m currently sitting in a chair in my front lawn, in the last small shady spot that the sun hasn’t claimed yet. I can’t even stretch my feet out all the way… but I don’t mind. As unmotivated as this weather makes me feel, I also kind of love it. I love the warm breeze and the slowness of the afternoon.

Miss is S cooling down with her feet in our wee plastic pool–she’s “too big” to want to put her swimsuit on for it now apparently. Although she did just tie knot in her dress so she would be able to get her legs wet… I give her another 5 minutes before she’s all in.

The boys are in front launching stomp rockets, and I’ve only had to solve a million fights over it since we brought it out! That being said, we just went a whole 60 seconds without a fight so maybe there’s hope?

I can’t believe how much less stressful our days feel now that the “distance learning” is done. Our kids’ teachers were so wonderful, but it was seriously like pulling teeth with S every. single. day. It was this dark cloud that always hung over us… and now it’s gone and the world feels bright and sunny. For now at least.

I went shopping IN a store for the first time in almost 4 months today. M has been out once or twice, but other than a quick trip into the post office or bakery, I’ve only done curbside pickup or delivery for groceries or other essentials.

Otherwise we just made do without.

I got it in my head this week that I needed to go. I’ve been anxious about it, and I knew I needed to just get it over with and do it. I’ve been amassing a list for the dollar store for a while, so I decided to try going just as it opened this morning.

Thankfully it was fairly quiet while I was in there, but it was definitely getting busy as I left. I noticed that most people wore masks and followed the directional arrows in the store, but there were also a fair number of people who chose to ignore both–and it almost felt willfully. I was about ready to tell off one woman who was shopping in the same aisle as I was–she kept coming in front of me and stopping, and “invading” my bubble. I eventually gave up and left–it wasn’t worth the argument.

I know not everyone *can* wear a mask… but if you are physically able, please consider it. I know it’s uncomfortable, but I’m pretty sure catching COVID is WAY more uncomfortable.

Also, even if you can’t wear a mask (or choose not to), EVERYONE can follow the arrows in store aisles and adhere to social distancing. Like it or not, the world has changed. I know it’s inconvenient, but ignoring those changes put in place for our well being and safety is just… rude.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

It felt good to be back out in the world a little bit. I was able to get some new outside activities for the kids, some new shampoo for me, and RINGALOS, which was clearly the most exciting purchase of the day.

My shady spot is disappearing so it’s time to pack it in. I guess I have to start thinking about dinner at some point… it might be a cereal night. ;)

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