I Hate Painting Doors*

I am tired.

We are in “fix-all-the-things-in-the-house-that-have-been-bugging-us-forever” mode. This week M painted the bathroom ceiling and ripped out all the trim to replace it, so today I decided to tackle two doors that desperately needed to be painted.

It seriously took me ALL DAY to get these doors done. There was a lot of sanding a prep work, then each door needed two coats of paint on each side… which meant each side needed to dry before flipping.

It was a long, hot day, but thankfully it’s done now. I’m ignoring all the outside cleanup for another few minutes, then it’s time to curl up and watch the second half of Hamilton. I was a little worried that the boys wouldn’t be able to sleep without a door on their room, but they both passed out within 5 minutes.

I love summer.

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