Complaining about something*

Note to self: Always Check Receipts*

It has been yet another busy morning.

I think I need to stop saying that and just accept that this is my life now… busy is the new normal. Anyway.

M was up and out the door early as he’s working in Toronto today. I heard P stirring shortly after M jumped in the shower, and slipped into the kids room to get him before he woke S & H up. We had a lovely snuggle while I procrastinated getting ready, but as I had the neighbour kids coming over at 7:15 I eventually had to accept reality and leave my lovely bed.

I watch my neighbour 6 year’s old twins in the morning before school a few times a month when she’s at work. They come stampeding in a little after 7, we do breakfast then they play until it’s time to leave for school. We all bundled up and made a slow trek to school–H is still moving a little slowly with his sore foot. I had to rush back so that I could have time to get groceries before a playdate I had scheduled this morning. I made it to the store and ran around trying to remember everything I needed. I certainly had a full cart by the time I reached the checkout, and P had had more than enough of being in the cart. I didn’t have time to let him walk home from school like I normally do, so he was cooped up in the stroller, then cooped up in the cart while I shopped. I was distracted while the cashier was ringing me through, and a little anxious as I was running behind and I wanted to get to my friend’s house.

When she gave me the total it was more than I expected, but again I was distracted and late, and I had bought a lot of groceries today. I quickly checked out and made a mad dash to the car with a crying toddler who did not want to wear his mittens. It was so lovely.

I made it to my friend’s house and P had a ball playing with her little ones in the basement. She runs a home daycare, and will be looking after P a few days a week in the new year. He settled right in and made himself at home with the toys, and an hour flew by before I knew it.

Then it was a mad rush to get home, get the groceries away and get lunch together so I could get P down for a nap. I knew he’d be tired as his 5:40am wake up today was over an hour earlier than his usual morning start. Just as I got him to bed, my neighbour popped in for a visit and we had a lovely chat. It was just half an hour ago when I finally got to put the rest of my (non-perishable) groceries away and the total of my bill was still bothering me.

I just dug out my wallet and looked at my receipt, and sure enough there are two items right at the start that I don’t recognize… and they total almost $50! I tried googling the codes on the receipt and it looks like two frozen turkeys. Not one, but TWO. I went through all my bags, and believe me–no turkeys came home. I’ve been trying to get through to customer service at the store but no one is answering… ugh. I am definitely going to go back in with my receipt before I pick up the kids to try and sort this out, but what are the odds that they will believe me?

I hope someone out there is going to have a nice dinner… *sigh* (You’re welcome!)

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