Complaining about something*

I’ve been awake since 3:30am.

This is where I was from 3:30 – 5:30am last night.

I heard P wake up first, and I crept in hoping to quickly settle him, but he was upset and wiiiiiide awake. For the most part he just lay quietly in his bed, as long as I was next to him.

H decided to join the party around 4:15am. I heard him start whimpering in his bed, but it was completely nonsensical. He mumbled something about the nintendo and toys, then he started crying because he wanted to go to my parent’s house.

At 4:15 in the morning.

I was trying to settle him when suddenly he bolted upright and said he needed to go to the washroom. That excursion woke him right up and then I had two boys I was trying to keep in their bed until a reasonable hour. I knew H would be a hot mess at school if he didn’t get a bit more sleep, so I did my best to rest on the floor while trying to get them down.  P was really restless, so I eventually just picked him up and started walking laps back and forth to try and get him to sleep… it brought me right back to his early months.

I swear I wore a track in the carpet from all the walking I did trying to get him to sleep at night.

H fell asleep watching me pace back and forth, and P finally did too. I trudged back to my bed around 5:30m and got a solid 15 minutes in before my alarm for work went off.

I did not want to go this morning. But I did, and it was okay. I survived. I yawned all day long and am on my 18th wind, but I made it.

And now I’m going to bed, and hopefully I’ll actually stay in it tonight.

I’m so tired.

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