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Shortly after Peeah gave birth to my handsome nephew three years ago, I asked her how she was managing. For some reason, her response found a tiny shelf in my mind and has stayed put. After telling me everything was good, her answer to my question was simple. She chuckled and said:

“Life is busy with two.”

I knew that life would get a little more complicated with two kids, but I didn’t understand or appreciate what she really meant until now.

I’m pretty sure that the Hubster and I have been blessed with two of the most amazing kids out there. Ruby is smart, funny, and kind and she is learning how to be quite independent. In just two weeks she has really come to love “baby” and wants to sit near him, rub his head and give him kisses. She hasn’t really exhibited any wild tantrums or jealousy (yet) and she makes us laugh all day long.

Case in point: yesterday the Hubster called to me from the living room and told me I had to come and see her. We found her sitting in the baby’s car seat, wearing his tiny knitted toque on her head like a beanie cap, talking to one of her toys. I almost died. And let me tell you–laughing that hard is not comfortable for a woman who has just given birth. haha

Hank is showing us his sweet, quiet personality. As long as he is full, he is a happy boy who is content to sleep in his bed or be snuggled in someone’s arms. When he is awake he loves to look around and doesn’t really cry unless it’s time to eat or he needs to be changed. Every day he’s becoming a little more alert and the way he smiles in his sleep melts my heart every. single. time.

But life is certainly… busier. Ruby and I had a simple, steady routine that I loved. She ate at certain times, napped at a specific time, and I knew when it was best to go out and run errands, go for a walk or give her a bath. I also knew when I would be able to schedule in my “me time” to recharge my batteries.

Hank’s arrival has changed things somewhat. While Ruby still essentially follows her routine, Hank doesn’t really have one yet. I’m nursing him so I feed on demand, and sometimes he needs me at the same time that Ruby wants to eat, or nap, be changed or play. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance both of their needs, while attempting to keep my home from becoming a total disaster and trying to find a few minutes to spend time with the Hubster. I’ve definitely learned to let go of things that aren’t essential (oh, my poor floors...) but I’m still trying to figure how how to “do this” with two kids. Thankfully the Hubster is home with me for another three weeks, so I still have some time before I really get thrown in the deep end.

I know I’ll figure it all out–every day gets a little easier. I’m just someone who thrives on rhythm and routine, and I feel a bit like the steady drum I was walking to has changed to a new beat I haven’t quite mastered yet. There are moments when everything feels incredibly overwhelming (hellllooo hormones) and then I take a breath and somehow manage to get them both changed, fed and down for naps without dying. I’ve realized that a lot of my anxiety over how to manage with two kids is all in my head–when I stop thinking about how I’ll manage and just do it, it always works out.

So, I have a new, deeper appreciation for parents of multiple children. Seriously. And the ones who manage to have clean homes, healthy meals, go outside on a regular basis, shower and wear clothes without elastic waistbands?

Those people are super heroes.

Life with two is definitely good… but it’s certainly busy.

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  • Stephanie "Mama" Hayes

    Can you try / are you interested in nursing with a wrap/sling/carrier? That’s what I’m hoping will be my saving grace with two. Also, take some me time with a hot bath. Good for the healing body and the mind. Baths are my only survival mechanism sometimes. Otherwise, sounds like that’s just what happens with two! You’re doing great!