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So, I’ve been working on a little something.

I actually started it last winter, but then I landed my LTO and all the free time I had went out the window. I finally decided to finish it this summer, and I think it’s almost ready to show you.

I know that the “blogging world” is a little foreign to some of you… but it’s a much bigger place than my little corner of the internet. There are some amazing online “communities”, where you can connect with other writers and find people with similar interests to you. It’s a great way to network, and it’s been through these communities that I’ve had opportunities to work with companies and brands like Nine West, Shutterfly, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

Basically they send you free stuff and you write about it. Sounds like a win, no?

There are also a ton of incredible conferences that you can attend and actually meet up with other writers. However, over the years I’ve noticed that many of these opportunities are located in the states. So many of the bloggers I know and love are located south of the border.

So, I began to wonder: where are all the Canadian bloggers?

I know they are out there, I just wasn’t sure how to begin looking for bloggers that lived here, in Ontario, or anywhere in this big beautiful country.

An idea began rolling around in my head and I finally decided to act on it. I have been members of all these other communities for years (SITS girls, 20SB, etc), so I finally decided, why not start one of my own? A community that could help connect Canadian bloggers with other Canadian bloggers, living right in their provinces and communities.  A community that will have lists of giveaways and opportunities for Canadian bloggers to enter.

A while ago I tossed around a few ideas for a name… and so, Bloggers Above The Border was born.

Sneak Peek*
Sneak Peek*

It’s almost finished, and ready to launch. It could be a complete flop, but I’m hoping that there are others out there like me… who would love to be a part of something a little closer to home.

I do need a little help though. I would love to have a couple of people sign up and try it out, just to make sure everything works and offer a little feedback about what needs to be fixed / improved.

I designed it so that sign-up takes less than a minute, then you have access to everything on the site. If you have a blog (or know someone who does) and would be willing to join, please leave me a comment, email me ([email protected]), send me a Facebook message or message on Twitter and I’ll send you the info.

Thank you!!!

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