Back to Substitute Teaching*

Well, I’m officially back on the supply (substitute) list.

I finally got things sorted out with this automated system, and again I find myself sorely missing my real-life dispatchers who used to call when there was a job to be had. This automated system is supposed to be more equitable and blah blah blah, but I’ve only ever had problems with it. You can’t change anything on your profile, and even when you try and call in for help, you’re just supposed to leave a message and wait for someone to get back to you.

I miss my people. *sigh*


This morning was my first morning waiting for a call. We were still sorting out childcare for Ruby until late last week, and our new sitter was available today. Yesterday I found myself thinking about supply teaching with mixed emotions.

I like supply teaching, I really do. I enjoy the constant change and the fact that my day is done at 3pm. But after spending four months knowing exactly where I’d be every day, I’m finding the uncertainty… hard.

For starters, I keep forgetting to keep my cell with me at all times.

And I mean, at all times. My board has a rule that in any calendar school year, you can refuse three assignments, and have five missed calls.

That’s it.

So, if your phone rings while you’re in the shower and you can’t get it, that’s strike one, and you miss out on the job. You can’t call back three seconds later and ask for the details, as the system has already moved on to someone else. I often forget to turn my ringer back on or leave my phone downstairs while I’m upstairs with Ruby, but I need to get back into the habit of keeping it in my pocket all the time.

Even when I’m in the bathroom.

I don’t mean to complain–I knew the rules when I started working, and I’ll get back into the routine eventually. I guess I’m just finding the transition a little harder than I thought. I do miss the certainty of knowing whether or not I’ll be working every day. It’s hard to plan out your day when you have absolutely no idea whether or not your phone will ring.


It’s nearly 10am, so I’m pretty sure that there won’t be a call for this afternoon. So, I am planning to go out and make the most of my day. My lovely lovely sitter is already here, so I am going out to enjoy a day of thrift shopping!

And there may or may not be a stop at Mucho Burrito for the Mexican food I’ve been craving non-stop for several days. :)

While I wish I could have had a call today, I know there’s always tomorrow. My phone is in my pocket (ringer on) and maybe I’ll get lucky.

In the meantime, I’m off to find a good deal. Or two.

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  • pinkflipflops44

    That’s a bit ridiculous on the requirements. I get they want people and can’t wait for so many people to keep turning down jobs and all but that’s a tad much! Also, I hated our automated system too. It was always messed up and frustrating. I was thankful that we could pick when we wanted to accept calls so I made it so that I never accepted day of calls. I’d do night before calls up until midnight but no calls until after 9 am. So no last minute rushing around but still opened up the potential for an afternoon call if there was one.