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When I was little, we had an informal tradition in my house: apple time.

Every morning that I was home, after our morning routines / chores were complete we would get to settle in the living room and watch a TV show. We would spread out a blanket on the floor, then my mom would bring us apple slices in these little wooden salad bowls we all loved.

I’m not exactly sure how it started, but we loved apple time, and I’m pretty sure that it ignited my love for apples… which are still my favourite fruit.

That being said, I’m a bit weird when it comes to apples. I do love apples, but I love a certain kind of apples. I adore apples that are soft and sweet.

Crunchy apples are not my friend.

I used to think that I was weird for thinking this way as I know I can be a little bit… particular… when it comes to certain foods, but I know I can’t be the only one.

I’ve spent the last year or so in a bit of an apple conundrum. For years I have been buying one kind of apple: the Royal Gala. For my particular tastes, it was perfect.

And then suddenly, it wasn’t. All of the apples I bought seemed to be tasteless and hard. They were very crunchy and seemed much more tart than sweet. I even tried switching to organic Galas, but they didn’t improve. I tried buying them at several different stores, but they were all the same.

I found myself in a sad, sad place: I had no apples for apple time.

Now that summer is here, I’m eating fruit like crazy… but life feels incomplete without apples. So, I took my dilemma (yes, it’s a problem. ha) to my trusted source: Facebook.

I explained my apple situation in detail, and asked for apple advice. I was pretty sure that people would think I was crazy, but several people actually responded and I learned that I am not alone in my love for particular apples.

They also gave me several suggestions of new apples to try.

This week, I bought Golden Delicious and Fuji apples, on the suggestions of two trusted apple associates. As Scarlett actually bit into my GD apple before I even made it home I tried that one first… and it was SUCH a win. Perfect soft texture, and lovely sweet taste. I immediately regretted only buying one.

Tonight I tried the Fuji. Not such a win. It tasted a lot like the Galas, but it was crunchy and not nearly as sweet as the Golden Delicious.

So, I’ll definitely be buying Golden Delicious apples from now on, but I still want to try all the others that were suggested. I was told that I should try Courtland, MacIntosh, Mitsu, Ambrosia and Pink Lady apples.

I’m hoping to find at least one other winner in the group.

Any other suggestions for me??

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