Where I’ve Been*

So, it’s been a while.

It’s been a wild few months and I was never able to achieve that much coveted balance between work / home / family / blog that I so wanted. For a while there I thought (again) that maybe it was time to close up shop here for good.

But even as I entertained that thought for a moment, I knew I couldn’t possibly say goodbye to this little place that has been my home for so many years.

At least not yet.

I have now been finished work for three weeks, and I am only now just beginning to feel like my old self again. Don’t get me wrong–I loved my job. I was at a wonderful school that I was excited to go to every day. I loved the classes I was teaching and my my students were so much fun. My coworkers were amazing, and I feel privileged that I was able to join that staff, even if it was just for a brief moment in time.

But by the end of June, after conquering mountains of marking and endless report cards, I was ready for a time out.

A three-week time out, apparently.

I spent some time with my mom and dad, and I’ve been reading and catching up on TV shows without feeling guilty. There have also been lots and lots of snuggles with my wee-bean who I love being home with every day.

And sleep. Blessed, glorious sleep.

That brings me to now–I’m finally feeling rested and ready to leave this little air-conditioned cocoon.

(Well, not really. It’s insanely hot out. It should really be illegal to be this hot.)

I feel like I’m finally ready to embrace and enjoy this summer, and I am SO excited about what we have planned. Trips to the zoo, family outings, a big trip to the East Coast, thrifting, a trip up north and so much more.

And reading. Lots and lots and lots of reading. I have a mountain of books that I am wading through and it has been positively lovely.

I’m sorry I neglected my little corner of the internet for so long… I’m really looking forward to catching up with all of you. :)

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