House Projects*

The House: Week 1*

Oh heeeeey.

Who knew that five days could feel like a year?

Seriously. Last week feels like a total dream… but here’s a tiny glimpse of what we’ve been up to since I last posted:

Saturday: Moving Day

The most amazing group of people showed up at our door bright and early Saturday morning (8am) and helped us move from our apartment into our new house. We were mostly packed–there were just a few odds and ends laying around–but for the most part it was a smooth transition from apartment – truck – house. We had everything moved in by noon, and had the rest of the day to begin unpacking.

My Mom, Big Dad, Doodle and his roommate stayed afterward to help us get set up, and my mom and my lovely friend Julie completely set up my kitchen for me.

(I’m still figuring out where everything is, but that’s half the fun! haha)

Julie and I then tackled the living room, which went from this:

(Living room: Before)

To this:

Living Room (In Progress)

It definitely still needs some work, but I’m actually really happy with how everything is coming together! I originally wanted to make this room into a sitting room + dining room, but when we played around with the arrangements and furniture, I  decided to have the table in the kitchen–and I really like it there.

We decided to switch internet companies when we moved, so at 4pm on Saturday our internet man came to set everything up for us.

…and then nothing worked until Tuesday. So, I ended up taking my first “blogging break” this year, though it really was unintentional. I’m sorry about that, but I’m back now! Here’s to daily blogging for the rest of May!

(And to make up for my days off, I”m going to post twice today. And some other days. Or something. You know.)

Unpacking and setting everything up has been all kinds of exhausting and fun, and the Hubster has been tackling projects every day since we got the keys. I’ve decided that the best word to describe our home is… quirky.

Explanations to follow. :)





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