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Hi lovelies,

Thanks for all your kind words regarding my post last night. It’s something I’ve been carrying on my chest for a while and it just felt good to vent and be completely honest about the way I’ve been feeling.

In general I think I feel a bit at odds with who I am right now. I’m turning 26 in less than a month, and it just feels… weird. Like I’m not actually old enough to be turning 26.


A little while ago I mentioned that the Hubster and I live in a “quirky” house, and several of you have wondered what that referred to. Here’s a little taste:

1) When we moved in we heard something strange in our kitchen cabinet. We soon learned that we have some “friends” living with us in our kitchen. Any guesses?

2) There is no overhead lighting in any of the three upstairs bedrooms. None.

3) Whoever painted our house for us before it went on the market decided to be a super painter and paint everything. You know, just in case we wanted our light switches, curtain rod holders and receptacles to match the walls. I’m sure they thought that they were being quite thoughtful. (Or lazy… you know.)

4) There is a window in my bathroom. That in itself is not weird, but it’s location is. Any guesses?

5) The windows have no screens. Seriously.

6) The bathroom door sticks… like it’s too big for the frame.

7) Our bedroom door doesn’t shut.

8) There is a random white trim that runs half way down the wall as you go up the stairs. It almost looks like a rail for a flying machine (aka: a chair that assists people get up and down stairs).

9) Our fence gate opens backwards.

10) The linen closet is actually inside the office closet.

…and that’s just a few of the quirks that we’ve come to love. Or something. haha

My main floor is really coming along now and I know I’m long overdue for another photo update. I’ll try and get a few done tomorrow for you!

Does your home / apartment have any weird quirks?

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One Comment

  • Teacher Girl

    I know exactly what you mean about the age thing. I am turning 26 soon too and it’s making me a little nuts. As far as the house is concerned, I think it is normal to have issues with a new house until you have had a chance to make it your own. And then you’ll still have issues but then at least they’ll be “yours” ya know?