Thrifty Thursday – Black & White*

Ah, lovelies.

It’s happening again. For a brief second I thought that things were slowing down a bit, but life is pushing forward at a pace that I can barely keep up with. Sadly, this leaves me with less time for thrift store adventures.

However, I do manage to squeeze in 15 minutes here and there. :)

I’ll be debuting dress number 2 in two weeks! I’m very excited–I am seriously loving this challenge. I’ve seen some really cute (and hideously ugly) dresses and my next one is cute and a little more casual than the first!

Anyway, that’s still two weeks away…

Today I’m going to show you one of my favourite purchases to date. I wear it more than anything else, and I love it.

Meet my winter coat:

I found this in November on one of Value Village’s half price days. I always find that on those “deal days” I tend to migrate to racks I may not normally go through as the prices end up being stupidly cheap. I found this coat on a rack and fell in love with it immediately. It’s nothing special–just a Suzy Shier jacket–but I love the design and length! I find the black and white blend makes it so versatile, and I love the double buttons down the front.

But what I loved most was the price: $4.


The coat was in amazing condition and for $4 I couldn’t resist! It’s incredibly comfortable and I find that I’ve worn it more than any other coat I have this winter.

I usually pair it with my H&M black scarf ($7) and my red leather gloves or red purse for a little pop of colour.

Good deals like this just make my heart so happy. I was actually just perusing through everything I’ve shared with you since we started this little Thursday date, and thrift shopping has completely revamped my tired little wardrobe. If you’ve missed any of my Thrifty Thursday posts you can find them all HERE!

I’m hooked!

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