House Projects*

House Projects*

In just one month (and two days) the Hubster and I take possession of our first house. We are beyond excited, and I’m still pinching myself almost every day just to make sure that it’s real. We’re trying to pack a little each week so that it won’t be such a monstrous job in April.

The wheels in my head have been turning as we’ve been thinking about the projects we want to do in our new home. I am SO excited to get my hands dirty and learn how to put up drywall, paint, lay flooring and garden.

I am SO excited to have a garden!

I’m still trying to plan where we’ll put things, and for the past few days I’ve been dwelling on our living room.

For the past five years, the Hubster and I have lived in two very cute apartments. In each one we’ve had a “main space” that was our living room / dining room / (for a while) office. We had just the right amount of furniture to fill every nook and cranny.

But our new house could eat our little apartment for breakfast.

We’re going to have more rooms and more space… with the same amount of furniture. We’ve also realized that we’ve outgrown our little futon and are ready for “grown-up furniture”.

Like a couch.

For the past little while I’ve been watching store websites and kijiji to see if I could find a deal, but there wasn’t anything that I found terribly interesting in our price range.

Tonight the Hubster and I popped into one of our local discount stores as I’ve been looking for some things for our new bathrooms.

I didn’t find what I went in for… but I did find a cute dish for my necklaces and earrings, annnnnnnnd…

A living room set!!!

We found a three piece black sofa set on clearance for $800, with an additional 25% off!

It’s almost exactly what I wanted and the store is even storing it for us until our closing date. WIN!

Now I can have book club at my house and the girls will have a place to sit! YAY! haha

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