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A couple of weeks ago I got a call to go teach at one of my favourite high schools. This school plays the best music in the mornings as the kids shuffle into their first classes. It’s the same place that introduced me to this song, which I have been obsessed with ever since.

When I first heard that song, I fell in love with it immediately. After several days at the school I finally found a kid who knew the name of it so I could get it for myself. It was an arduous process, but well worth the effort.

…and then it happened again.

About a month ago I went back to the school and a new song came on that I had never heard of it. It was upbeat and fun. Again, the kids came head bopping and dancing into the room–it was such a great way to start the morning.

But no one knew the name of it.

On two other occasions I went back and it made it’s way onto the morning playlist, but no one could tell me the name. There are no lyrics, so I couldn’t even catch a few phrases to search online. I seriously spent an hour one Saturday morning going through Club Music charts trying to find it and agonized on Facebook about my lack of success.

…and then it played this morning.

I had a group of grade 12 University English students for first period, and several students came to class well before the first bell. As soon as the song same on I began asking if anyone knew what it was called.

Again, no luck.

And then two girls jumped up and offered to go to the office to discover the name and office. I looked at the clock, and then back and them, then back to the clock…

…and decided that they had enough time to make it there and back and not be late. hahaha

*bows head in shame*

They took off for the office while the rest of the class laughed at me and admitted that they too were curious about the name of the song. After a few moments they came running back in with a name and an artist.

And then, life was complete. (In that moment, anyway.)

I’ve probably played a billion times tonight and I looooove it. It’s so simple and kind of cheesy, but it’s perfect for my running playlist. You have to listen to it loudly to get the full effect.

I give you: We Live for the Music – Showtek


It makes me want to get up and dance!!! It’s such a healthy way to vent frustrations, don’t you think?

Anyway, it made my day.

Like it?

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