The Interview: Results*

This week has felt incredibly long. It was busy, stressful, hopeful, then it was just plain exhausting. I’m so ready for this weekend.

So, I mentioned yesterday that I didn’t get the job I interviewed for on Tuesday. I spent most of last night shifting between moods of utter disappointment and anger, and I really just didn’t want to write about it. But here is what happened…

I actually taught at the same school yesterday afternoon. It was a great day, and of course I poked my head into the office to see if I could spy on the principal, but her door was shut tight the entire time I was there. So, when the day ended I packed up my things and drove home.

When we walked in the door there was a message blinking on our answering machine. The message was from the vice principal that had sat in on my interview, asking me to return her call when I could. I started freaking out a little bit imagining my life as a teacher there, and the Hubster quietly grabbed the recycling and took it out to give me some privacy.

I dialed the number–three times, as I was so nervous I couldn’t get the number right–and got the VP on the line. This was our conversation:

VP: “Oh, hi Shop Girl. Thanks for returning my call. You interviewed for an English position on Tuesday, right?”

Me: “Yes, I did.”

VP: “Well, I just wanted to call you personally and tell you…”

(*cue hopes rising*)

VP: “…that unfortunately…”

(*cue hopes being crushed*)

VP: “…there is no longer a job open here at the school. As we were completing interviews we received news from the board office that the position was being filled by a teacher-transfer.”

Me: “…oh. Okay.”

VP: “We’re so sorry that we learned this after bringing you in, but both the principal and I wanted to let you know that we were very impressed with your interview. It was a very positive experience, and we felt you presented yourself very well.”

Me: “Thank you… and thank you for the opportunity to even come in and meet with you.”

VP: “Okay. Thanks for calling back. Again, I’m sorry. Have a good evening.”

Me: “Thank you, you too.”

How much does that suck? It took a year and a half to even get an interview, and then the job disappears before a decision can even be made. *sigh* Apparently this is pretty common… but I was not impressed.

I was even less impressed that I had already been booked to go back and teach there again today.

I tried really hard to be mad and angry at the school, because, well, it felt good. haha! But then I got there and the kids were so lovely, and I love the English department there with all my heart.

During my prep I was sitting at a desk quietly reading a book while two other teachers in the room tried to complete some marking. The department head walked in and started chatting with them, and I turned around and smiled (so I wouldn’t appear completely anti-social). He’s an awesome teacher and was actually the one who encouraged me to apply for the job.

When I turned around, he recognized me immediately.

Mr. S: “Hey, it’s Shop Girl, right?”

Me: “Yes, it’s nice to see you again!”

Mr. S: “SO? Did you apply for that job???”

Me: “Yes. I interviewed for it on Tuesday.”

Mr. S: “How’d it go??”

Me: “I thought that it went well, but I just learned from the VP that the position is being filled by a teacher-transfer.”

Mr. S: “I know. We just heard. That sucks… but these things happen sometimes. Did you talk to the VP about your interview?”

Me: “I know, and yes. She said it was a very positive interview and that I presented myself well.”

Mr. S: “Excellent! We’ll get you in here yet. Don’t give up!”

Me: “I won’t. And if you played any part in my getting the interview, thank you!”

Mr. S: “Hey, that was all you, kid. I didn’t do a thing!”

After he left, one of the other teachers turned to me and told me that after my last three-day gig at the school he had spoken very highly of me to the other staff members. So, despite the crappy job situation, that felt kind of amazing.

…then we talked about Johnny Cash and Rod Stewart for the rest of the period. haha

So despite my best efforts, I couldn’t stay upset and it turned out to be a pretty great day. As much as I would have loved having that job, I’m extremely grateful that I’m teaching at all. The job market is terrible right now, and I know that I’m blessed for having the work that I do. I know that I didn’t get the job because the board stole it, and it wasn’t necessarily a failure on my part. So, I’ll continue to supply teach and send my resumes off into the universe and hope that it doesn’t take me another year and a half to get another interview.

Again, thanks for all your support this week. I wish I had better news for you, but I know it’ll happen someday. :)

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  • Teachergirlblogs

    I am sorry again to hear about the interview. I know how frustrating it can be on both ends when open positions get stolen away and given to teachers that are already within the district. It has happened at my school a ton over the past three years. Teaching is so impossible everywhere right now. Hang in there! You are doing an amazing job and I am sure that when they can hire you, they will!

  • Janetkay

    I’m so sorry that the job situation turned out like it did. But it sounds like they were quite impressed with you, so maybe something will turn up soon!