Lovely Saturdays*

I love Saturdays.

While I was working my crap part-time job, having a Saturday free was a rare treat. My manager didn’t like working them, and I almost always had to. If I wanted a weekend off, I had to book it weeks in advance, and it was bad form to book more than one off in a six week period.

When I finally quit in August, it took me a long time to get used to having my Saturdays free. I’m terrible at sleeping in–my internal alarm clock is always set to 6:08am–but it’s so nice to laze around in bed until 8am and not feel like I have to rush out the door to a job I hate.

Instead, I was able to sleep in a little, make a nice breakfast for my love, and give my little apartment a thorough cleaning. My tub is sparkling, my floors are clean, the dishes are done and my clothes are folded. I even had time to take a new photo for my Thrift Store Adventures photo album on my facebook page. I decided to model the jeans I showed you on Thursday!

Peeah and Princess Pea were meeting a friend for lunch, then they drove out to Pretty City to do a little shopping. Peeah wanted to check out my Value Village, so we went in and she found an adorable pair of children’s Merrell for $8, and I also had some luck that I’ll show you on Thursday! :)

I then had time to get groceries, make a nice dinner and the Hubster and I have been lazing around on the couch watching movies and spending time together.

Despite the disgusting, wintry conditions outside, it’s been a perfectly lovely Saturday.

How did you spend your day?

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  • Date Girl

    Saturdays are my favorite too. Not to rub it in, but we’re experiencing a heat wave on the West Coast, so we took the doggie to the park to play in the sun. It was 64 degrees and beautiful! Snow sounds fun for snuggling though. We went out to eat followed by frozen yogurt deliciousness. Now the hubby is happily playing on his new PS3 that I splurged on for his early bday present while I blog. Heavenly!!