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After a wonderful week with my family, I’m finally home.

My house is a disaster, the laundry’s not done and I’m not entirely unpacked–but I’m home. I loved every minute of my holidays and am so glad we had an extended stay with my mom and dad. I haven’t been home for that long since I got married, and it was great just to “hang out” with the fam. Dad introduced us to new John Wayne movies, Mom made wonderful dinners and looked after us, and I destroyed rearranged their basement.

Even though I love our little apartment, it was great to spend the time with them… and I’m glad that the Hubster and I were able to ring in the new year with family. (Well, I rung in the new year while he slept on the couch beside me. haha!)

2011. Even when I say it out loud I can barely believe it. How on earth is it already 2011? Isn’t this the year that all those fabulous 80’s movies predicted that we’d be in ultra modern metallic looking clothing riding around in flying cars?


Despite my current disbelief that it’s no longer 1999, I am very excited for a brand new year. 2010 was an… interesting year. Rather than ramble though my typical long post about the events of the year, here are some of the highs and lows:

Memories of 2010*

*Being hired as a supply teacher / quitting my awful part-time job
*Celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary
*Finally beginning my book
*Running 10km
*Learning that Peeah is pregnant again (and due in five weeks!!!!!)
*Travelling to P.E.I.
*My first car accident
*Turning 25
*Seeing South Pacific live
*Starting my Book Club ♥
*My Gumpo’s death
*Princess Pea learning how to say my name (first!)
*The Hubster’s job–he was finally offered a full-time position with benefits

It was a busy year that started off looking a bit bleak… then in May it bloomed into something wonderful. I was ready to consider another career path when the phone rang one Friday afternoon–just minutes before we left for a weekend away. One week and one stressful interview later I became a teacher, almost exactly a year from my graduation the previous year.

Sometimes, life is just kind of funny.

I have all kinds of plans for 2011, but first let’s see how I did with the goals I set for myself in 2010:

1) Go to the gym 3 – 4 times a week. {Fail. I canceled my gym membership and took up running instead.}

2) Continue eating healthily and be aware of calorie intake. {So-so. I discovered Lose It and gave up chocolate about a million times, but it’s a work in progress.}

3) Write more. {Mostly failed on the blog part, but I did start my book!}

4) Run a 5km race. {Nope. This year!}

5) Be able to comfortable run 7 – 8km. {WIN! By August I was running 6 – 8km every other day.}

6) Find a teaching job. {SUCCESS! Life is good.}

So, not great, but not bad either. I can live with that.

My main goal for 2011 is to set goals that (I hope) are actually attainable for me. Small steps, big reward. So here are my plans:

1) Run. (As often as I can. I’d like to try for 3 times a week.)
2) Eat well.
3) Finish writing my book.
4) Revive my blog. (Write every day until the end of January… then try for Feb!)
5) Have at least one girl’s night a month.
6) Have a date night with my Hubster every week.

7) Run a 5km or 10km race. (Anyone want to do this with me????)
8) Feel good in my clothes (aka– drop a few.)
9) Be brave.
10) Find a full-time teaching job. (or at least an LTO)
11) Take at least one more AQ course.
12) Be grateful.
13) Travel somewhere.
14) Watch less TV.
(Get rid of at least two TV shows)

and finally…

15) Read 100 books.

I’ve spent the  last six months trying to read more often, and it’s been absolutely marvelous. I used to be such a voracious reader and I’m rediscovering my passion for slowing down and enjoying a great book. So, I’ll need your help with this one… what should I add to my list? I’m open to anything. :)

Well, there you have it. Like the words of Yul Brenner in ‘The King & I’, “So let it be written, so let it be done.”

I’m so ready to take on this year and see what  it holds for us!

What are your goals for 2011?

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