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I Read Sparrow and Owl

As I tip toe back into the world of blogging, I decided to do what any shameless blogger would do: I made a poll. (Riiiiiight over there in the sidebar. Yup. That one.) I’ve somehow managed to pump out a post longer than three lines for the last 12 days which (considering my recent record) is nothing short of amazing. For those of you who have been around for a while, is it too much? Am I annoying you yet? Vote! Vote! Vote!

My post for today is actually more of an introduction. I want you to meet my lovely friend Stephanie at Sparrow and Owl. She is funny, creative and incredibly talented, and I happen to have the pleasure of knowing her in real life!

(She knows my secret identity. Shhh.)

If you aren’t already reading her blog, you totally should be… and here’s a little incentive! Right  now she’s running a contest that anyone can enter, whether you are a “blogger” or not. You can check out her blog for all the itty bitty details, but here’s the gist of it:

She wants to feel more connected to her city, and wants to help you do the same.  She wants to know one thing that you’d like to discover in your city and if you leave her a comment and tell her, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a $25 gift certificate to any of the online CSN Stores! If you don’t know what CSN Stores (.com) is, then you must click that little link and remedy that situation immediately!

There are also a couple of other little tricks you can do to secure yourself a few more entries into the draw, but you’ll have to check her out for that!

Her idea really got me thinking–what do I what to discover where I live? We’ve only lived here for a year and a half, so I know there are still a billion things for us to discover in Pretty City. So, after some thought, my response to her question is two-part:

We live in Pretty City, but we’re also in the heart of the big beautiful Greater Toronto Area and I also love Toronto with all my heart. So, here is what I want to discover:

Pretty City* One of the things I love most about where I live is that it is very community-oriented. I always see advertising for community events, and many of them are health-oriented. So, I want to discover this “healthy” community and get involved. I want to do a community race–I think they have one in the spring!

Toronto* You’re going to laugh, but I think my first choice would probably be to tour Casa Loma. I’ve never been, and have always, always wanted to go. I love history and adore old architecture, and it looks like such a beautiful building.

Well my lovelies, there you have it. If you think about it, I know you can think of something you want to discover in your city, then you can enter to win! WOO!

So head on over and visit Steph at Sparrow and Owl. Good luck! :)

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