Thrift Shopping*

(Courtesy of: http://www.shoes.com/productimages/Shoes_iAEC1047981.jpg)

A few months ago I decided to start experimenting with thrift shopping.

So many of the bloggers I love are into it, and often post the cool, vintage things they find… so I thought, why not? On my very first time out I found something totally fab–a pair of like new Nine West black pumps. I know, it’s totally shocking that I bought shoes, right? I fell in love with them instantly and after cleaning them up a bit, I wear them all the time.

I’ve gone out “thrifting” several times since and have found some amazing deals. I’m totally hooked! It’s sort of like a treasure hunt; it takes time to go through the racks but you’ll almost always come across something cool. I’ve seen Burberry pants, Louis Vutton bags, and so much more tucked away in these stores.

Some of the treasures I’ve found and bought are Guess Jeans for $7 (brand new, tags still on), brown Steve Madden knee-high boots for $15, Gap jeans for $3 (new, tags still on) and today, my fav yet: black Guess pumps for $20. They are gorgeous, in amazing condition and I love love love them.

I know some people are grossed out by the idea of thrift shopping, but I actually really like it. I only buy things that are in great shape and look new, and I often see things that still have the store tags on them.I take them home, clean them up and then they look like new! I am in love. :)

I’ve been thinking about doing a weekly segment to show you some of my favourite thrift store finds… thoughts?

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