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It’s been a rather busy few days.

For the past few days I’ve been so wrapped up in work and assignments I just haven’t been able to relax. I can’t completely give myself to a good book or movie until I know that there won’t be anything pressing on my time as soon as it’s finished.

As far as work goes, I’m down to four shifts. Four. It sounds so… doable now. Being there is still a challenge–I swear time slows down during my shifts–but I can endure four more. At 8:30pm next Thursday I’ll be free. :)

I’ll also be finished my course  by the end of this week. I received my exam via email this evening and I have until Friday to complete it. I glanced over it quickly, and after several assignments of composition writing, I was relieved to see fill-in-the-blank questions. That’s about all I have left in me right now.

I don’t really know why, but this course has just been unbelievably difficult for me to plow through. I’ve been taking French courses since September of last year, and while this course was obviously more advanced than the previous one, it wasn’t terribly difficult.

It just wasn’t.. exciting.

I’m right in the thick of French grammar and getting through this course was about as fun as having teeth pulled. It was the first one I completed online, and I think I’m going to head back to the classroom when I continue further.

The key word there is “when”.

I’ve decided to take a little break from French. This summer course has just burned me out completely and I’m not enjoying it anymore. I know my limits, and when I stop enjoying something I start cutting corners and stop putting forth the effort to really get something out of the course. I plan to continue again in the winter semester, but for now I am going to do something different.

I’m looking into other courses I could take to expand my teachable subjects that would give me a breather from my language studies. Right now I’m looking at a course that focuses on children with Autism, or taking part one of a computer studies course.

I know, they couldn’t sound more different, but there are a million things I’m interested in learning and teaching and I have the hardest time just picking one.

It feels nice to be excited about a course again. :)

In the meantime I plan to push through and complete my exam and then spend a glorious day downtown in the City with my brother, Choppy. He’s one of the most fun people you’ll ever meet, and I know it will be fabulous. I love Toronto with all my heart–I love the people, the noises, the shops, the culture, the food, the vibe and the atmosphere, and I cannot wait to spend a day walking the streets. As much as I love living in Pretty City, part of me will always miss Toronto!

Anyway, I’m so exhausted that my eyes are doing that hurty burning thing when they are fighting to stay open. I’m off to crawl into bed with one of my old VHS tapes (old romantic comedies just always seem better on VHS) and dream about next Thursday at 8:30pm.

I’ll come back when my eyes are open… there’s so much to tell you!  learned that the Hubster and I are eye soul mates, I’ve decided to be very brave, and I have another long-overdue chapter of Our Story waiting in the wings for you.

Sweet dreams!

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  • Karen

    Glad things are going well and that you’re SO close to finishing your career in cashiering!

    Definitely a good idea to take a break from French classes until you’re excited about them again. Just curious, but are there any fun conversational or literature classes you could take? That might help you continue building your grammar and vocabulary, but take it in a different direction.