Eye Love You*

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The other day the Hubster and I were driving somewhere, and the topic of “soul mates” came up. I find that every person has a unique view on this, and I’ve decided that I don’t really believe in them in the traditional “one perfect person for everyone” sense (but that’s another post altogether).

My optometrist tells me otherwise.

Just recently we decided it was time to get our eyes checked. We both wear glasses / contacts and have terrible eye sight and knew it had been at least two years since our last check-up. We’ve always gone to see different optometrists–I have had one where my parent’s live for years, and the Hubster had one he had seen while we lived in Senior’s City. This time we decided to go and see one together. He called up his family’s optometrist–the one he saw for almost a decade–and got us in.

I’ve always liked going to the optometrist. I don’t know why, but it always seems less scary than the regular doctor or the dentist. They are always friendly (at least to me) and it’s pretty much painless.

With the exception of that machine that blows puffs of air into your eyes. I’m pretty sure that that is a form of torture in some countries.

After the dreaded eye puffer, the optometrist actually took us in and did our exams together. I’m happy to report that our eye sight is still terrible–but not any more terrible than our last check-up. Unfortunately  he is a bit concerned about the level of fluid pressure in my eye which may mean I’m at risk for glaucoma. I have to go back in for some extra tests tomorrow to see where I’m at risk-wise. I think he was just being extra-cautious in asking me to come in so I’m not freaking out… yet. haha

Anyway. This optometrist told us about this newish technology that allows him to take a photo of a retina for a better examination. It’s like an x-ray for your eye.  So, we both decided to try it out and see what our eye balls look like, all up close and personal. (I would have loved to bring one home to show you, but a) I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed; and b) I don’t want to gross you out. haha)

So he took our photos and showed us what we were looking at, then he said,

Doc: “Hm. Well that’s interesting.”

Me: “What is?”

Doc: (Pointing to the Hubster’s eyeball photo) “Remember how I was just showing you that the Hubster has a bit of freckling on the left side of his right eye?”

Me: “Mmm hmmm.”

Doc: “You have the exact same freckling in the same place on the same eye. That’s pretty neat that you two found each other.”

So, as it turns out the Hubster and eye are soul mates. We have eye ball photo proof.

Eye love you, Hubs!

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  • Karen

    I had never even heard of eyeball freckling until my last boyfriend.

    That’s pretty crazy/awesome that you both share such an uncommon trait.

  • Cat

    I worked in an optometrist’s office for years and we regularly gave people copies of their retinal photos, we could even email them to people, depending on the program used to take the pictures. And I am glad to hear you are glaucoma free for now. Thankfully, it’s a lot more manageable of a disease these days. :)

    And I think it’s super sweet that ya’ll are eyeball soul mates.