Sandal Love*

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My dearest lovelies, do you know what’s happening outside right now?

(well, not RIGHT now as right now it’s pouring rain whilst my bush-man of a Hubster is out hunting turkeys in the bush and I’m trying desperately not to worry needlessly about him but it’s RAINING and who wants to be caught in the bush in THAT?! End rant.)

The grass is green. Leaves are slowly appearing on the trees. I’m seeing more t-shirts than I am parkas, and best of all–SANDALS.

Sandal time is seriously my favourite season of all. I’ve given up calling April – June “spring”. In my house it’s Fall, Winter, Sandals and Summer. (I seriously debated giving up summer altogether and making Sandals last straight through to October, but Summer means no school, camping, corn on the cob and other kinds of loveliness so for now it can stay.)


As soon as I start seeing the snow recede back and the pretty brown grass appear after months of being blanketed by that white vomit these toes burst out of their prisons and into my lovely collection of sandals! This is how I feel about Sandals (both the shoe and the season):

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Clearly the Hubster is as excited as I am about this. Who doesn’t love cute painted toes in a cute pair of sandals?!

Seriously–as much as I love shoes, I hate them. If I could live my life in open-toed shoe and sandal glory, I totally would. Unfortunately this whole Canadian winter this prohibits this. *sigh* The one exception to this is flats. I love flats with every fiber of my being and TOTALLY just bought the cutest pair of zebra printed flats to add to my collection!

(via: http://image3.examiner.com/images/blog/wysiwyg/image/zebra_flats%283%29.jpg)


As I was unemployed with no prospects of employment last summer I really didn’t do much to add to my ever-growing sandal collection besides the acquisition of my (now) beloved Egyptian styled Birkenstocks. I’m ever so hesitant to say that I’m beginning to have a glimmer of hope for a class of my own this fall, but there is an ever so tiny chance that the universe will smile on me and my current plan will work out… and if it does, I can tell you exactly how I’ll be celebrating:

SANDALS. (among other things. haha)

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  • cammyclassroomconfessions

    Yay, sandals! Since I live in Florida, I live in sandals… and I love it! The new fancy Greek/Roman styles are my new fave :)

  • Mandolin

    I'm wearing the exact same zebra flats right now. TOTALLY in love with them. I'm usually a flip flop person from the time the snow melts until the time it snows again, but I love these flats so much they've been getting a little extra love and my flip flops are feeling a little lonely.
    Also, your “our story” section is still not working properly. Only two of the chapters in the section half work, all of the other ones get an “error message 404” or something like that, just as a heads up.