Big Birthdays*

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I really wanted to write this yesterday, but I was so tired by 4pm that I went to take a 10 minute nap… and slept for nearly an hour and a half. Then the Hubster and I went on a date night to see Date Night (more on this later) and it was just late when I got home. There really aren’t enough hours in the day.

Anyway. I’m not usually one to make a big fuss about my birthday. In recent years the Hubster and I have just celebrated together by spending the day together and going out for dinner. He always buys me beautiful flowers and a thoughtful gift, but it’s always sort  of a low key day.

But this year I kind of want things to be different– in two months minus one day (see why I needed to write this yesterday?!) I will be turning 25 years old.

I feel like 25 is one of those milestone years and I really don’t want to skip over it like I normally would. I feel like it makes me seem completely selfish, but I just want to do something special this year. I feel I need to do something to kick off 25 in hopes that it will be better than 24.

It’s been a hard year for me. Parts of it have been beyond amazing, while the rest I’m ready to move on from. I just feel like I’m stuck in one place and I want to do something to remind myself that I won’t be here forever. The Hubster is the ever-bright spot in my life, and I’m just so… ready for life to start. I’m ready to begin my career. I’m ready to own a home. I’m ready to start a family. I’m ready to get there but everything depends on me and my ability to find a “real” job. I just need something to remind me that some day I’ll wake up and realize that where I am now is just a distant memory–a brief bump in the road.

The thing is, I’m so out of practice with the whole birthday thing I don’t even know what I want to do. We are hoping our big trip of the summer will be to visit his parents on the East Coast so a vacation really isn’t in the cards. I don’t know… I want to do something with lots of people, something fun that will make a memory that will last a lifetime.

I guess I just want this one to stand out, you know?

How do you celebrate your big birthdays?

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  • Red

    hahaha MY 25th birthday was two weeks and one day after giving birth to the kid…and was spent at a baby shower for her. NOW we have such a fantastic fuss at her birthday mine is kind of lost in the hustle-and-bustle of birthday season. Which I absolutely KNEW would happen the moment I heard the due date (her birthdate, actually – she's one of these weird little prompt things).

    BUT I am ABSOLUTELY throwing a huzzah-I'm-FINALLY-finished-school-and-Mr.-Man-got-an-awesome-job party because I just feel like CELEBRATING!! I'm going to invite too many people, clean my house so it sparkles from every-which angle, have oodles of food, make people wear something stupid like hats or leis, have the GLEE soundtracks playing…. it's going to be epic. And we didn't have a wedding cake – thought it'd be fun to have a life-is-rocking-my-socks cake. (I LOVE the one you've posted…hmmmm…. )

    Do what you think will be fun. Gosh, round up oodles of people and do something “stupid” like have a birthday party at a bowling alley with pizza and cake and the works! Or McDonald's play place. Or laser tag or something that the thought of just makes you grin. :)

  • cammyclassroomconfessions

    I am turning 25 this year too in November! :)

    I've been planning a Vegas trip for my 25th since I turned 21 and had the lamest b-day ever… if a trip isn't in the cards, maybe you could rent out part of your favorite restaurant and have a big party instead.

  • VeggieCarrie

    You know, I can't even remember how I spent my 25th, it wasn't a memorable birthday. My best birthdays in my 20's haven't been the 'big' ones (21st and 25th) but some of the others: my 22nd (crazy party), 27th (my first married birthday – meal and cinema with VH) and 29th (a day out in London with close friends). I've got a 'big' birthday coming up at the end of this year (3-0)- and I'm thinking a party!

    How about a fancy dress party or a trip out to a theme park with friends and family for your 25th?