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My life has changed quite a bit these past few weeks.

I went from being an unemployed blogger who sat at home all day to a busy little bee (who sometimes thinks I may have taken on too much) in a matter of days. Sadly, I know it’s affected my writing a little bit, and it’s definitely affected my reading / commenting which hurts my heart. I have to do it all in blocks now which is SO much less fun. This is the new me in a nutshell:

The Job

I’m happy to say that in many ways my job has really improved. My coworkers have stopped treating me like a “trainee” and more like just one of the team. It’s a huge relief not to have someone standing over my shoulder all the time. I like space. Space is good.

The girls I work with are all professional and very nice. It’s not a place where I can get into deep intellectual debates / conversations, but a little gossip about celebrities is okay from time to time too. :) The job is incredibly demanding and busy so it’s been difficult to really get to know them, but I figure that will happen over time.

The only downside is that the work itself is incredibly physical and sometimes the hours are really long. On Friday I worked a 9.5 hour day and I wanted to die. It’s a lot of lifting and running so I’m usually ready to collapse by the time I get home.


A while ago I mentioned that I decided to go back to school. When I finally accepted that securing a teaching position in this board would be much more difficult than I originally anticipated, I began taking a night course to learn French. Right now it’s pretty basic but I’m enjoying the class more than I thought I would. The people are very nice, and I hope to be speaking French by this time next year!

Every time I see someone from my group at teacher’s college announce on Facebook that they’ve found a teaching position it’s like a little chip of my self-esteem gets taken away. I can’t help thinking, “What do they have that I don’t”? It all just feels so random… like you have to be a lucky winner to get an interview. Someday that will be me… I just hope this French bit will help.


After sending off probably my 50th application for a teaching position I knew I had to find an in into this board which appears impermeable unless they know you. So, after sparring with the secretary (when did school secretaries become so unfriendly!?) I began volunteering at a local high school in their Special Education department. It’s kinda funny–before last April I couldn’t ever have imagined myself working in a Spec Ed classroom, and now I think it’s absolutely where I want to be. I’m working in a Senior Associated Class and while it’s challenging, the kids are absolutely wonderful. They are much lower functioning than the last class I worked in so there is much less teaching involved, but for some of these kids that class is all they have so it’s very rewarding.

While it sucks to be volunteering in a position I know I could be paid for, I know it’s a step in the right direction. I’ve made a good connection with the head of the Spec Ed department who let me know there will be an opening next fall. (Fingers crossed!!) On my first day she took me in to meet the principal / give him my resume which is something I had been dying to do. So, things are looking promising. It might take a while, but if nothing else I’m in. I now can add this board to my resume and have a local reference.

So, my lovelies, that’s where I am. Some days I’m at two if not all 3 of these places and it’s very, very busy, but being busy is never a bad thing, right? Thankfully it’s Sunday afternoon and it’s nap time. I heart Sunday afternoon naps… don’t you?

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