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Do you ever have those weeks where you just feel… uninspired?

All summer I’ve been busting with things I’ve wanted to share with you and write, and then this past week it was like all that creativity vanished. I know it probably has a lot to do with the stress I’ve been under (which got so bad that I couldn’t sleep one night last week) but thankfully that’s lightened a little bit now that I found a little job. I start work next Tuesday, so I’ll let you know how it goes. :) But here’s a little catch-up on where I’ve been all week (physically and mentally. haha).


First things first: have you SEEN the preview for this season of Grey’s Anatomy?? Like, HOLY CRAP. I want it to start right now.


I know, I know… I’m all about polls these days, but I added one last one on my sidebar. I’m going to continue my Shop Girl Shares segments for now, but what do you like me to share? Blogs? Articles? Let me know! I LOVE that people have started emailing me / leaving me suggestions in comments–I’ve already found two new things I want to share with you! So if you know of something you think I might love, let me know!


I have been trying very hard to clean out. We had to downsize a bit when we moved as we lost quite a bit of storage space, and I still feel like things are a little cluttered. We are terrible for hanging on to things “just in case” we might need them some day, but I’m trying to get out of this line of thinking. Bad, bad, bad! Sorry ocean lamp, it’s time to go.


Part of my absence has been due to the fact that I have been wholly immersed in a book that I could. not. stop. reading. I finished Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult last night and it was one of the best books I’ve read in a while. The discovery of a dead newborn in a barn shakes an Amish community to the core as the 18 year old unwed mother is discovered and charged with murder. The whole book is an “outsider” attorney trying to defend a client whose beliefs she doesn’t quite understand, and it takes you through the detailed trial that ensues. I’m usually really good at guessing the ending of a book / TV show / movie, but even I couldn’t figure out how it all would end. It was an excellent read!


I ended up getting an impromptu visit with my family this week and it was exactly what I needed. I had dinner with Spart, then we went to visit Peeah and Baby Pea who is just a little munchkin of cuteness. I cut my hair, went shopping with my Mom, my Dad cooked us a big BBQ lunch, and I had time to curl up and nap away the afternoon. For one day I didn’t think about anything and it felt SO good.


Today I’m off to a baby shower for the Hubster’s cousin. They recently had a little boy that I’ve yet to meet, so it meant that I got to go shopping for baby clothes… something I’ve realized that I love. Seriously–have you looked at baby clothes recently? They are amazing! They are just like little miniatures of grownup clothes that look like they’ve been shrunk in the wash (come on, we’ve all done it! haha). After much deliberation (I’m not picky–I’m particular!) I found the cutest little outfit that isn’t too “babyish”.


The Hubster and I have been car shopping. If you weren’t already aware, in our four years of marriage we have never owned a vehicle. It’s not that we didn’t want one, it just made more financial sense not to own one when Hippie U included a city bus pass with your student card.

But now here we are–grownups. We aren’t in that student bubble anymore, and we’re discussing whether or not we’re ready to take the plunge. This is one of the biggest decisions we’ve made as a married couple as laying down several thousand dollars for something isn’t something we take lightly. It’s a little stressful we flop back and forth on how much should we spend, what kind of car we can compromise on, what year to get… etc. What kind of car do you have? Do you like it? Any advice for first time shoppers? haha

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  • Classroom Confessions

    In regards to car shopping, I bought my first brand new car a little over a year ago when my ancient Saturn just died. I have a 2008 Honda Civic and I LOVE my car! The warranty is amazing and Honda's are known for their low cost of ownership and quality. I get amazing gas mileage, a super reliable car, and it's cute! You can probably get an amazing deal on one right now, probably even a brand new one. Good Luck!

  • Ashley

    Gah! I can't wait for Grey's Anatomy to start. The only problem is that my class doesn't end until 9pm on Thursdays, so I will miss the first 10-15 minutes each week. :-(

    I have to agree that shopping for baby clothes is super fun. They have gotten really creative with the clothing. I tend to keep myself away from baby clothes because there are too many babies to shop for and not enough money to get everything I would want to buy.

    Good luck with the car thing. Colin and I do not own a car, but we have looked around a little. Unless you are planning to get something that is around 10 years old or older, you're probably better off buying new. There has been a high demand for used cars which has caused their prices to rise making them only a little cheaper than buying new.

  • Amber (Girl with the Red Hair)

    Plain Truth was the first Jodi Picoult book I ever read and is by far one of my favourites of hers! I've since read two more of her books and let me tell you, that surprise twist at the end is a very common theme with her books!

    I've been avoiding watching the first 5 minutes of the Grey's premiere because I want it to be a surprise, even though I've already heard who lives and dies through the grapevine that is twitter!

  • dearjennymac

    I can't wait for Grey's to start as well!!! Although I just got hooked on that show Weeds. I swore I would never watch it. LOL.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  • Veggie Carrie

    I loved Plain Truth, one of my favourite Jodi Picoult books. Her books always twist and turn, half the fun is trying to figure out what the twist is. In general, her books are well-researched, really gripping, and hard to put down!

    I also love baby clothes, they're adorable. As are baby shoes, they're even cuter as they're so tiny.

    I can't offer much advise about cars, mine is quite small (Vauxhall Corsa) but if I was to get another car, I'd want a biggger, more powerful one. I don't think such a small car would work in Canada anyway, with the snow.

  • Bluebelle

    I read Plain Truth a few months ago and really liked it. I have no idea about cars – I'm still learning to drive (safely) and my husband already had a car when I met him so he did all the deciding about that one! Good luck though, I can imagine it being a really tough decision!

  • Becca Christensen

    Oh my gosh you're a Jodi P fan too? We are destined to be friend! I own of her books! She's fabulous.

    So glad you read one of her books – if you haven't read others you should. : ]

  • curiousillusion

    First of… dang girl, 77 comments? I feel so late to the game. And in awe of how many comments you have!

    Moving on… yes, I'm so ready for Grey's Anatomy! That sneak peek really got me going. I think it will end up being him tho… ya know?

    Aw you're a grown up! I got my very own first car (ie my name is on the papers, etc) about 2 years ago, when my previous car got stolen. Buying a car is so dang stressful in itself, then when you add actually buying a car it's worse. I have a Ford Fusion and I LOVE it but I have a V6 so the mpg isn't that great. If I could change cars right now, I'm not sure what I would get but I would want bluetooth, maybe even gps, and definitely better gas mileage. Good luck with your buying!

    Oh and Jodi Picoult… I've been a fan of her books but after a while, they all seem kind of the same. Plain Truth may have been the 4th book of hers I read so by that point I just wanted to throw the book when I got to the ending. I very nearly did throw her latest book Handle with Care, but I was on a plane so I just shut the book all disgusted-like. I'm debating on whether I want to read her next book or not. If you read more of her books, you might understand what I mean.

  • Shop Girl*

    Where do you see 77 comments?! I didn't even know I had that many! haha

    And you still think it's George? I have to admit that I'm questioning it now. We'll have to wait and see!!

    And am I a grown up? Sometimes I think so, other times absolutely not! I had no idea buying a car was so stressful–I've seriously been awake all night thinking about it. It's SO hard.

    It was the first Jodi Picoult book I've read, somehow I completely missed everything she's written! I loved the book so I might try one more, but I know what you mean about author's writing in the same style over and over and over.

  • Shop Girl*

    Good for you for learning to drive! Are you learning automatic or manual? That's been one of our big debates as we shop–the Hubster can drive manual and I can't, so figuring out which kind to buy is really stressful!

  • Shop Girl*

    I had no idea she was so popular! I had never heard of her until I received the book from my mother in law, and now I'm hooked!

    And you're probably right, some days we almost need tanks to plow through the amount of snow we get! haha

  • Shop Girl*

    Well, if you watch the preview what you've heard through Twitter might be completely shaken! I thought I knew for sure who lived and died, but I'm completely at a loss for what to think now! I hate waiting! ahha

  • Shop Girl*

    Eeek… that's awful you'll have to miss a bit! Can you tape it so you'll be able to see it all?

    I had NO idea it was so fun to shop for baby clothes! It's such a well-kept secret! haha

    Why do you say only 10 years older or new? We've been looking at some 2004s – 2005s that weren't terribly priced!

  • Shop Girl*

    I've heard really good things about the Honda Civics! We've mostly been looking at Mazda 3's and Cobalts, although the Hubster loves the Subaru Imprezza WRX. We have no idea what to buy. haha