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Remember the time when being “gimped out” was the coolest thing in the world? Having a string of gimp bracelets on your arm was a symbol of status… second only to the snap bracelets. I those are due for a comeback soon… don’t you? (*SNAP SNAP*)

Anyway. The 12-year-old version of myself knew that wearing those uncomfortable plastic bracelets was the epitome of cool and I longed to be gimped out. I practiced making those things until I could pretty much do it in my sleep (brushes off shoulder like it’s no big deal) and wore so many they practically ran up to my elbow. I really should have just gone to the next level and made a gimp shirt… wouldn’t that be fun? A woven plastic shirt? (shudders)

As I got older the appeal of the gimp dimmed and the rows of bracelets on my wrists gradually decreased until you could see my forearms, then wrists, and then they were gone.

Now that I am an old woman of 24, the term “gimped out” has taken on a whoooole new meaning… I did something to my back and have become “gimped out” all over again. *sigh*

(My hands are just a wee bit less wrinkly… but only by a little.)

At Peeah’s party on Saturday I enjoyed a spirited game of “Pass the Baby”. My lovely cousin is raising the cutest little boy alive who is just turning six months. When I was living with her in May I finally got the chance to really get to know her and her son and I just love them to bits. As happy as I was to be reunited with the Hubster, I was quite sad to leave her home. So, needless to say I was thrilled that she and her little boy were able to come for Peeah’s baby shower.

Picture this: 20+ women gather for a baby shower prepared “ooh” and “aah” over adorable baby items and Peeah’s baby belly only to find a real live (and freaking cute) baby in the room. It wasn’t long before “Pass the Baby” began as several family members wanted a turn getting to know this little guy. He was happy and bouncy and just so fun to have there.

As the evening was ending and Mom and I were cleaning up I noticed my back was a little sore. Nothing really major, it just felt a little tight. No biggie. We piled all our things in the car and drove home. At some point during this ride home my back broke. (not literally, but you know. When something isn’t working right, it’s broke. haha) I got into the house and I was okay. I collapsed into a chair and I was sore. By the time I hobbled up into bed the pain was so sharp it took my breath away.

…I was officially gimped out, and had no fun bracelets to show for it either.

My mom immediately switched into “Mummy Mode” and began throwing heating pads, pain relievers and so forth at me to help make me more comfortable. I soon figured out that my sore back only hurt when I moved certain ways, so I lay still and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning (Sunday) I woke up and realized the pain had largely subsided. My back was still tight and hurt when I bent over / twisted, but wasn’t nearly as bad as the night before. I made it to church and back on the bus to head home with the Hubster. We decided to go spend Sunday evening with his family, and as they were picking us up I went into whirlwind mode to tidy my apartment. I think I must have strained it again with my super cleaning skills / bending over 100000 to pick things up because I am not smart because by Sunday evening it was really sore again. *sigh*

Finally I caved and decided to take it easy… I spent yesterday in my comfy clothes curled up (that’s code for sitting straight) with my heating pad on my back. I also found some stretches that seemed to help a bit, and by last night things were looking up. I’m still afraid to do very much today as I REALLY don’t want this whole gimp thing to drag out. The Hubs is not a fan (he doesn’t like to see me in pain) and neither am I (I don’t like to BE in pain. haha). So today my heating pad is joining me as I write (thank goodness it’s freaking cold out–July, we need to have some words…) and the pain is much less again today. I’m trying hard not to overdo it, although I really want to clean my bath tub… I’m just scared about the bending over part. *sigh*

But here’s the thing–for the life of me I can’t figure out what happened. I am assuming something must have happened while I was bonding with the bébé, but I don’t remember anything. In any case, it was worth it. It was a great party and I’ll be posting Tuxedo Strawberry photos soon!

Wanna come clean my house? I’ll make you a bracelet. :)

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