Complaining about something*

The Sickness*


That pretty much sums up the way I’m feeling right about now. I’ve known the sickness was coming for several days now… by last Wednesday I couldn’t get warm no matter how hard I tried, even though the Hubster was sweating to death in our little heat-controlled senior’s apartment. By Saturday my muscles were achy and sore.

I did everything I could to try and prevent it–I slept a lot, drank a lot, ate fruit and veggies, and even ate a grown up vitamin!

(I don’t like grown up vitamins because they are big and hard to swallow… so the Hubster buys me children’s Flintstone vitamins instead. haha!)

Well, last night when I went to bed my nose was stuffy… and when I woke up this morning I didn’t feel well, but I got dressed, put on a pretty face (yes, I somehow managed to get makeup on… miraculous!) and went off to school. It was my first “real” lesson today, so I absolutely had to be there anyway.

As the day progressed my body began to die. We do a lot of standing / running around in Grade 7, so I was on my feet alllll day. By 12:30 I could barely get to my feet.

Then I got to teach to periods back to back–100 minutes straight through with no break. Oh wait–did I mention that it was drama? Which meant I needed to be all peppy and excited and dramatic?


Yeaaah. About that…

By the end of the lesson (which ended up going well despite the chaos) my voice had been reduced to almost nothing and I had to go to individual groups so they could hear instructions. It was super. :)

And then the best part–just when I wanted to be out of the school by 3:06 (the students are dismissed at 3:05) we had a staff meeting. After school. Which meant I didn’t get home until 4:40pm… at which point I threw on joggers, my biggest sweatshirt and collapsed on the couch. I’ve already had two naps and some soup, and I feel mildly better than this afternoon, but I still guarantee I’ll be in bed by 9:30pm tonight. Thank goodness the Hubster is here to take care of me / tease me about how hot I am looking right now. (with love, of course)

(Oooh that actually had a DOUBLE meaning… he thinks I might have a fever AND I am looking FIERCE with my baggy clothes, nap-head and dazed expression, if I do say so myself.)

Anyway. The moral of the story is that I am sick for the first time since beginning teacher’s college and I needed to complain about it. Complaining always feels so good when you are sick… haha! I was sooo proud of myself for avoiding the waves of sickness that my poor friends suffered through…

…but here I am. I didn’t make it all the way to the end, but I survived six months.

Time to curl up on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls. Please send healthy thoughts my way… haha

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