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Winter is Not My Friend*

I do not like winter.

There are certain aspects of the winter months that I enjoy, such as the way snowflakes looks in streetlights when it snows at night, or the way the air feels right before the very first snowfall, but on a whole I have decided that winter is not my friend.

The past few days in Senior’s City have been brutally cold. It was a chilly -26°C here yesterday, which translates into -14°F or so for anyone south of the Canadian border. To give you a visual, my hair and eyelashes froze on the 5 minute walk across campus yesterday morning… I’m talkin‘ icicles in the hair here, my friends. I was not impressed.

And today the weather looks so deceiving… it’s beautiful, clear and sunny out, which would make you think that maybe, just maybe it would be nice out. But noooooooooo… my little weather man icon tells me that it is -17°C (-2°F) which is enough to keep my hibernating in my little house today. Brrrrr.

I suppose I could enjoy winter more if I actively participated in any winter activities. Spart is an avid skier and while I do quite enjoy skiing, it’s also expensive and only enjoyable (for me) on warm days when you don’t even need a jacket… which really don’t happen all that often as that also tends to make the snow melt. haha!

I guess I prefer to watch winter from behind a pane of glass covered in a big blanket with a book, rather than be out in it. I know I’d be content living in a warmer climate where winter was more of a cool rainy season, as opposed to what we have now. In my little dream world, we would only have snow two days of the year: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It needs to melt on Boxing Day so that it doesn’t impede my shopping… :)

But for now, I’ll just hibernate in my house until all the snow melts and the temperature rises a bit… and count sleeps until our Florida trip when I can finally be warm again.

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