Complaining about something*

Not So Impressed*

Okay. Let’s talk about how unimpressed I am right now.

We all know I’m the world’s best procrastinator (as I am here writing in my blog instead of doing the TWO assignments I have due tomorrow HA) and I have left my work until the last minute. Fine. I always get it done though… I have never ever not handed in an assignment, and I abhor handing in things late. I may leave it, but it always gets done.

So this afternoon when I get home from my workshops already not feeling terribly great I find an email from my not-so-lovely prof announcing that she’d like us to add on an additional FOUR pages to our already 12 page assignment, due tomorrow.

…are you kidding me?

She gave us less than 24 hours, which were spent in placement and in workshops until late this afternoon, to tack on an extra few pages. That is just asinine! Honestly… who does that? Not like we don’t already have enough to do or anything… sheesh. We’re all contemplating just not doing it and pretending like we didn’t get the email. haha

It’s going to be a very late night…

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