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I become Teacher Shop Girl* on Monday.:)

I’ve been working in a school as a tutor for the past 6 weeks and it’s been AWESOME, but I’m so excited to actually get into a classroom and start teaching. As it turns out, I’ll be teaching a grade 10 applied English course and I am SO excited.

Now you’re probably wondering why I would pair this post with a picture of Billy Idol. Wellllllll that’s because I’m freaking working with him! Well, not really, but I swear it’s my associate teacher could be his double… haha! When [Mr. Idol] walked into the office to meet me I was sooo shocked. He was so not what I expected! He definitely has the blond spiky hair AND the earring (only one though) and even has that kind of attitude. Iiiiii loved it.

Well, I’ve learned that my class is tiny. Seriously. I anticipated being with a class of 20 – 25 students. I get NINE. There is another grade 10 applied English class in the school that is much bigger and I have yet to learn why his is so small, but I am pumped. He also teaches a couple of 11 and 12U courses that I’ll be observing, but he told me flat out that he doesn’t want me in his classroom for the full three weeks that I am in the school. He’s going to send me into as many different classrooms as possible so that I can see how a variety of different teachers work.

How freaking awesome is that!??!

AH. So excited. As I learn more I’ll give you more details… apparently there is one student in my class that has issues with “women in authority”. That should be interesting…

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