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I am 24 years old.

In 2004 I was a first year university student with a new boy every week (a girl’s gotta eat, right? haha). I had no intention of settling down, and I definitely had no idea that at 19 years old I would meet the man that would become my Hubster.

I also had no idea that I would marry him less than 8 months after meeting him.

We’ve now been married for 4 years and every day is a glorious new adventure.

This is Our Story*

Previous Chapters – Part One*

—–Dating & Falling in Love…

  1. Chapter One* Love At First Sight
  2. Chapter Two* The Meeting
  3. Chapter Three* The First Words
  4. Chapter Four* The Accident
  5. Chapter Five* The Ski Trip – Part One (The Green Giant)
  6. Chapter Six* The Ski Trip – Part Two (The Concussion)
  7. Chapter Seven* The First Date
  8. Chapter Eight* The First Kiss
  9. Chapter Nine* Meet the Parents
  10. Chapter Ten* FERP Invitation and Response
  11. Chapter Eleven* …”We Need To Talk.”
  12. Chapter Twelve* My Prediction
  13. Chapter Thirteen* Be Mine?
  14. Chapter Fourteen* My Valentine (Part One)
  15. Chapter Fifteen* I Almost Love You (Part Two) **Written by The Hubster
  16. Chapter Sixteen* All You Need is Love
  17. Chapter Seventeen* The “M” Word
  18. Chapter Eighteen* …Any News?
  19. Chapter Ninteen* Hubster vs. Big Dad (Round One)
  20. Chapter Twenty* Hubster vs. Big Dad (Round Two)

Previous Chapters – Part Two*
—–The Proposal
& Engagement

  1. Chapter One* The Pre-Proposal – [Proposal: Part One]
  2. Chapter Two* The Ring – [Proposal: Part Two]
  3. Chapter Three* …will you marry me? – [Proposal: Part Three]
  4. Chapter Four* …Holy Toot! I’m Engaged! – [Proposal: Part Four]
  5. Chapter Five* …No, I’m Not Crazy
  6. Chapter Six* March Madness
  7. Chapter Seven* The Wedding Planning Begins…
  8. Chapter Eight* The “Almost Fight”
  9. Chapter Nine* The Invitations
  10. Chapter Ten* My Wedding Dress-Tent
  11. Chapter Eleven* The Day Before the Wedding
  12. Chapter Twelve* The Wedding Eve
  13. Chapter Thirteen* Stranded at the Altar
  14. Chapter Fourteen* Happily Married With Happy Meals

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