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We are back in business!!

I don’t know how many of you noticed, but my little blog was broken for most of the weekend, hence my lack of posting. The main page was the only thing that was working, all my links were busted. *sigh* However, we should be completely up and running at 100% today!

My weekend minus my Hubs was (happily) cut short– he came home a night early and surprised me. :) I did survive my night alone though… after scaring myself silly with all the noises in my building I fell asleep with You’ve Got Mail, the phone in my hand and a chair propped underneath the door handle. hahah I know. I’m a sap.

I also have some thoughts, and I’d really love your opinion before pressing foward…

I’m planning on posting Chapter 18 tonight or tomorrow. The story will progress much more quickly now that we’re past the “I love yous”. I’m really only a couple of chapters away from the proposal chapter! So I had a question… are you sick of it yet? Do you want it to end there, or are you curious to know our wedding planning details / tips / tricks, or about the actual wedding day itself?

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