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Sleepless in Senior’s City*

Can you guess what movie I’m watching? :)

I needed a feel good movie tonight… I JUST finished watching The Thorn Birds, and even though the mini-series isn’t nearly as good as the book (which is AMAZING–if you haven’t read it, GO NOW AND FIND IT) and even though the acting was terrible, I still bawled at the ending. Like tears rolling down the cheeks, heavy breathing, kleenex grabbing bawling… it was so moving.

It also didn’t help that the Hubster is off on an adventure this weekend and I’m on my own… so I decided to bond with Tom and Meg. I love this movie more than life itself. I’ve seen it a hundred million times and it’s still wonderful each and every time.

It’s kind of weird being on my own… it makes me think about life in first year when I lived by myself and what I used to do to occupy myself late at night. I never ever went to bed early… I used to watch movies, stayed on MSN until all hours, and I used to talk on the phone. I’m just so used to having him here to bug and keep me company… it’s so quiet without him.

Hubs, I love you. Come back soon. haha

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