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Today was TOTALLY a 3 llama day.

This afternoon I handed in my LAST undergraduate essay. Did you hear that? LAST ONE DONE. I’m so giddy I can barely type. Haha! It was an absolute beast of a paper… when I finished it was 38 pages and 7,500 words long. I didn’t even know that I knew that many words. It was about propaganda used during the Vietnam War, and it was really difficult for me to write as it was a HUGE subject and I’m not terribly familiar with the material, but whatevs. It’s SO done. WOOOOOOO!!!!!

Also, while I was on campus handing in the paper I went to pick up my big paper from my favourite class ever and I am thrilled to report that I got 80%! I wasn’t sure how I would do on it, but I am SO happy. The prof, whom I adore, even thanked me for being a superb student at the bottom of my essay comments. :) She probably wrote that to everyone but I don’t care. She loves me. haha!!

All that I have left now is my exam next Saturday for the same class, which I’m not worried about at all. I’m pretty familiar with the material. And after that, I will be a university graduate. Man, I’m old.

To celebrate the handing-in-of-my-last-stupid-big-essay-ever-moment I bought groceries and am cleaning. My fridge is full, the bathroom is SPARKLING, the dishes are done and the living room is vacuumed. When the apartment is clean I am a happy Shop Girl*.

Thank you to those who joined my page on facebook… if you haven’t yet, please do! :)

Shop Girl*

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