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The Llama Theory*

I had a number of people ask me about what a “3 llama day” was, as I claimed Monday to be one. So let me explain the llama theory to you… it’s really quite lovely.

Almost two years ago, someone I know once explained it to me and ever since I’ve become absolutely addicted. You see, in my little city full of senior citizens we also have a quaint little zoo. It’s not a full-sized super exciting zoo like they have in the city, but it’s cute, and absolutely free. Inside there are monkeys, camels, donkeys, otters, buffalo, and among other things, llamas.

I’ve never found them to be particularly attractive animals, I actually think that they are kind of funny looking. However, I developed a deep love for them after watching Napoleon Dynamite (TINA! COME GET SOME HAM!) and watch for them at every zoo I see.

Anyway. My university campus is quite a ways from downtown so I have about a 20 minute bus ride out. On this bus ride I get to pass the zoo which has some animal habitats visible from the road. I can see part of the camel space, the wild goats, the buffalo and… the llamas.

Now this friend of mine once explained to me that she can usually judge what kind of day she is going to have by what she sees in the llama habitat. As the bus drives by she always looks to see how many llamas are out and about and judges what her day will be like from there. These are the ratings:

0 llamas: Pretty much the worst day possible. It will probably be cold, wet, and just bad. Bad bad bad.
1 llama: An ok day. Don’t expect anything spectacular, but it won’t be terrible. It will also likely be an cool, overcast day.
2 llamas: This will be a pretty good day. Something fun might happen, you’ll be in a great mood and it’s probably sunny with cloudy breaks outside.
3 llamas: This is the BEST day. It’s probably warm and beautifully sunny out. Birds sing, bus drivers smile, and people may spontaneously burst into song and dance. Something great is bound to happen, as it should. After all, you just saw three llamas!

So now I can’t help it. Every day as I pass by the zoo I subconsciously watch for the llamas… and sure enough, the llama theory almost ALWAYS right. Like on Monday when I had my great day–three llamas. On most of my bad days this year, there were 0 to 1 llamas present. I’m telling you, they must be magical llamas.

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