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So. As I said, last weekend I took a trip to the great white north with Spart and Mom, and while we were there, Spart, Soupy and I embarked on a photo tour of our little hometown in an attempt to capture “SoPo” in all its glory. I have already posted the pictures on facebook and lots of people have commented on the memories captured–BUT, there was a reason behind my little photo tour. You see, since moving down south, the further away from South End that I get, the less people believe that it’s real… and so I set out to prove them wrong.
Spart, Soupy and I set out to find all the hot spots of South End, and in the mean time attempted to take pictures of as many signs that said “Porcupine” on it as possible. I was shocked to see how high the slime had grown… I mean, they were big when we were little, but now they are HUGE:
What you are looking at above is a shot of the Porcupine Creek (Yes, there is also a Porcupine Lake and a Porcupine River) and the HUGE hill in the background is a Mine Slime, or waste from mining. Timmins / South Porcupine used to be (and still is) almost completely a mining community. Many of the old Mine Shafts still stand and I think they look pretty cool. This is the McIntyre Mine shaft that’s been closed for years:
The round thing on it is NOT a tire (ahem… Material Girl… haha) but it’s a huge Christmas wreath from TH&VS that was never taken down. I’ll post more picture at the bottom, but there is one more that I want to explain. Ever since we left Timmins I have been trying to explain this insane house that I’ve loved since I was a child. Unfortunately we went by at night and the picture isn’t terribly clear, but you can still see how cool it is:

Anyway, I’ll just post some more with captions… enjoy!My Mom & Grammy driving. hahaha My Grammy is too small to see… but she’s there in the passenger seat!

South Porcupine fine dining.
The sign at the Porcupine Lake.
Typical South End house… front doors 5 feet of the ground without front stairs.
Embracing my inner Porcupine.
Connaught Hill… we grew up here.This is probably my favourite picture… these are the train tracks right near our old house. They were active until I was 6 or 7, now they are completely overgrown.
Annnnnd a sign we passed on our way home. It was too good to not take a picture. haha

Anyway, I have several more photos if you’d like to see more just let me know!

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  • Asdf

    Man. That connaught hill used to look like a mountain, especially when going up on a bike. I saw pics of schumacher on google street view last yr
    and it’s sad how all the stores are closed and boarded up now. I think it was the result of the new road that bypassed traffic around their downtown area