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Never a dull moment…

This sounds terrible, but I’m usually a little less enthusiastic about attending testimony meetings in my ward than I am about going on any ol’ Sunday. We have a very …eccentric… ward that’s chalk full of old people who love to tell the same stories that have no point every Sunday. We are definitely one of those wards where the same people get up evvvvvvvery week.

However, today the Hubs and I arrived to find the chapel full of people we didn’t recognize. As we’ve been away visiting other places the past few weeks we were immediately excited–had they reorganized the ward boundaries in our absence and answered our prayers?


BUT, at least there were lots of people there today. As it turned out, the Bishop’s new grand daughter was being blessed and so people from surrounding wards came and packed our chapel. It was beautiful. I felt like I was back in Barrie. :) AND, we had new testimonies! It was a really great service actually. But even still, it was not without our ward’s lovely little quirks. As soon as the first hour ended, a young girl came giggling into the chapel announcing that the baptismal font was overflowing all over the hallway. Her mom thought she was exaggerating…

…then we looked and found an inch of water on each of the adjourning bathroom floors and a massive wet stain on the carpet. Haha! Apparently one of the missionaries turned it on and then got so caught up in our riveting testimony meeting that he forgot to go turn it off. Obviously there is a lesson here: good testimony meetings equal floods. So we probably shouldn’t have any more.

Oh, but see, that wasn’t even the best part– our primary is in the chapel rehearsing for the big presentation in 2 weeks, and the president asked me to go grab a couple of chairs from the primary room. On my way I had to walk through the 7-8 men that were grouped around the water all discussing how best to fix the situation. It was hilarious: Eight old men. Two mops. One carpet cleaner… and 35 minutes to stand there, look at it, and talk about the best way to fix it. :)

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