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This past weekend I went on a roadtrip adventure with Spart and Mom to the great white north… and I will eventually blog about it once things settle down as I took some photos that you simply MUST see. I did my best to capture South Porcupine in all it’s glory. So check back. :)

ANYWAY. The reason for my current blog. Well. I have been reformatting my little laptop since the orange juice incident and this time I decided not to copy my music as I wanted to start fresh. I’ve been listening to the same music since my 18th birthday and I was bored of it. However, my collection that was once almost 5000 is now down to 500 as I’m struggling to find new music to put back on. So. Here is where you come in! I’m always interested in learning who people love and are listening to… so if you wouldn’t mind leaving me a comment with your 5 favourite artists / 5 favourite songs (or music you think I would enjoy) and I’ll look them up! It won’t take long, I promise. If you’ve never commented before, here is how:

1. Read blog so you know what the heck you are commenting on.
2. At the bottom of this post you will see this: 0 people love me

3. Click on the “people love me” link at the bottom of the post. (not the one in step #2)
4. Write your comment / musical talent I should know about.
5. I love you forever.

See? Easy as pie. So don’t be shy.

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