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Yesterday I went to my university’s biggest even for the first time since I transferred here (3 years ago). My school has an excellent rowing team and hosts a huge rowing competition every year and thousands of people turn out for it. It had never reeeeally appealed to me in past years as I didn’t really know a ton of people and the real reason why people go is to go get drunk in the huge beer gardens. However, I figured that as this is my last year (hopefully) I should at least go check it out…

…and I freaking LOVED it. It was SUCH a good time! I went up there with Dee and after cutting into the MASSIVE line for the beer garden we went in and looked around. I could not handle how many people were there… students, alumni, profs, etc… it was so cool to see. There was music, food and pretty much every single person I have ever met at the university! haha! The weather was perfect too, which made the day even better. I even managed to find Twin amidst the chaos! haha

As well, there were all kinds of sporting competitions going on. There were rowing races (obviously), but also soccer and rugby games to watch. The only downside was the transportation… my city sucks for transportation to begin with, but with the added THOUSANDS of people that were there (and drunk) the bus situation sucked, and there was an average 45 minute wait for a cab. Luckily a few friends and I managed to steal a cab and make it home… most people were waiting almost 2 hours.

Anyway, all in all it was a great day… and I now love my university just that much more. I will always, always have a soft spot for U of T, but this school is growing on me… or at least the super awesome cool people that I know are. :)

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