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Yep! It’s true! It’s my mom’s birthday!! I’m a little sad that I can’t be home with my family to celebrate– I’m pretty sure that in my 21 (almost 22) years this is the first of her birthdays that I’ve missed. But I just called her and she sounded like she had a glorious day so I’m content with that. And I also bought her a John Wayne DVD set with like a millllllion movies on it which pretty much makes me the best kid EVER. [*note: Mom and Dad used to spend every New Years Eve watching a John Wayne film drinking sparkling cider. It was kind of a family tradition. :)]

Well, the Hubster isn’t home from the Priesthood session of General Conference yet so I thought I’d take a second and write. My sickness seems to be taking its course and I’m actually feeling a little bit better today. I took some lovely medication last night and I actually had a decent sleep for the first time in 3 days which was amaaaazing. I had almost forgotten how nice it was to not wake up every 45 minutes to drink something or blow your nose. GLORIOUS I say.

The Hubs and I had a pretty nice quiet day… I did a huge cleanup in the living room and dusted/vacuumed everything. It looks good and I feel good for doing it. I also managed to catch a bit of of the first session of conference… and I’m pretty excited for tomorrow. I love the talks. I also had a little nap this afternoon which was also nice. So far, I like today.

Anyway, I’m going to to try and get the dishes done up before my Hubs gets home… so that’s all for now. Oh, but in case I didn’t mention it before… CONGRATULATIONS JAY!!!!!!! (He just had a son!!!! )

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