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Hey! You know what’s really fun? Reformatting your computer. Really. You should try it. It’s a BARREL of laughs. Let me explain how it works for you…

1. You attempt to get on the internet to listen to a session of General Conference.
2. After several unsuccessful attempts, you hand the laptop over to your handy-dandy-fix-it Hubs who also unsuccessfully attempts to connect to the internet.
3. You give up for several hours before discovering that the problem is with Windows, and not the IBM software.
4. You take everything off your computer and begin again as it came out of the factory.
5. You realize that you don’t know where the Thinkpad Recovery Discs are and tear apart your apartment looking for them. You finally find them in the one place you didn’t think to look, which is really the most obvious of all.
6. You sit staring lovingly into your laptop’s blinking screen as you replace disc after disc after disc after disc… as it so prompts you. This only takes like a billion hours.
7. Once that’s done, you reboot your computer and watch it fill itself up with all kinds of computer jibberish and reboot itself about eleventeen more times.
8. THEN, comes the REALLY fun part. You get to put on the Windows software updates (there’s about 85) and all the IBM software updates (there’s about 30). But I haven’t even told you the most fun part yet… you don’t even get to start them and then leave because there’s all kinds of boxes that pop up that require you to hit “continue”, “next”, and “yes” buttons. WOOOOOOO! I know. SO exciting.
9. Once THAT’S done, you get to spend all kinds of time you don’t have reinstalling all the kabillions of programs you’ve downloaded over the past year or two back onto your computer.

… now doesn’t that sound like a ball? You’re jealous that that’s how I’ve spent my weekend. I know. I’m sorry, but not everyone gets to experience the fun that I do. :)

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