• My First Race*

    I was really, really hoping to write this post on Saturday night, right after I finished the race…. but then, you know, life happened. And now it’s Thursday and here I am! YAY!

    I swear days are simply blending together and I’m not sure when one ends and when one begins. My dad popped in for a visit today and asked me what I’d been up to the last few days, and I honestly couldn’t even remember. It’s been busy but not really busy and I just don’t know where time disappears to.



    So, I started running again. It’s taken me some time to ease my old, post-partum body back into it, but I finally feel like I’m starting to find my rhythm. I registered for a race when I first started out so that I would have something to work towards, and the big day finally came last Saturday.

    To be completely honest, I wasn’t even really sure if we were going to make it. Autumn has definitely arrived in Southern Ontario, and the forecast for Saturday was not looking good. The Hubster and I both registered for the race, which meant the kiddos were tagging along in our jogging stroller. Over the course of last week, Saturday’s forecast turned from bad to worse. By Friday night, the weather network was predicting a very chilly, very wet morning, and I had reservations about bringing the kids out in that.

    We woke up to cold, grey skies on Saturday morning, but since it wasn’t raining, we decided to go. We packed the kids and stroller in the car and jumped on the highway… and then it started pouring. When we arrived at the park and found our starting area, the Hubster and I sat in the car and watched the rain stream down the windshield as we talked about what we should do. I dressed the kids warmly, and our stroller has a rain cover to keep them dry, so when the rain eased up a little, we decided just to go for it. Our friends who were running the race with us arrived, and we all registered and made our way down to the starting line.


    We ended up stretching (waiting) for a half hour as there was some mix up with the start time. Despite our smiles we were not impressed. It took some serious sugar bribery to keep the Wee-bean from melting down, and poor Hank just wanted the stroller to move so he could sleep.

    Finally, horn blew and off we went. I lost sight of the Hubster in about 6 seconds, but I put my head down and focused on my own goals: Don’t be last, and finish in under 40 minutes.

    I’m not going to lie, it was really hard. My clothes and shoes were soaked, and I have only run the full 5km a few times. The first 4 kilometers felt good, but I really had to push through the last one.


    I was the last one to finish in our group, but I don’t care. As I was coming toward the finish line and saw them all there cheering me on, there was a half second where I felt self-conscious that I was so slow, but I quickly shook it off. Even though they all beat me, I beat both my goals! Even as slow as I currently am, there is no way I could have run 5km 6 weeks ago. I keep telling myself that my journey to get back in shape is a marathon, not a sprint. I am just taking things one run at a time, and each day I try to push myself a little bit further.

    photo 1(7)

    I’ve already been out running twice this week, and I can’t wait to get out again. It feels SO good to be exercising again… I wish I had never stopped.

    I just registered for my second race at the beginning of October. I’m hoping to run the race in under 35 minutes this time, so I have some work to do! Seventeen sleeps to race day–time to get movin’.

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  • My Running Goals*

    I recently joined a weight loss challenge with some other moms, and today is “weigh-in” day.

    I’m not going to lie–I was  nervous to step on the scale. I was able to get out running four times last week, but I didn’t eat terribly well while I was up visiting my parents on the weekend.

    (My dad bought these incredible baguettes and this to-die-for cheese… I won’t disclose how much of it I ate. ha)

    Thankfully I didn’t gain any weight, but I didn’t lose any either. I’m a little disappointed, but I know that this is a slow process, and nothing is going to happen until I improve my habits in the kitchen. So, I’m starting fresh today. I’m home again, and I have a great goal to push me this week–I have my first ever race on Saturday.

    Two months ago, the Hubster and I registered for a 5km race that his work is hosting. I felt that it was close enough that I could push myself, but far enough away that I would have enough time to prepare. I’m a little nervous that I lost out on three training weeks in August, but I am otherwise really excited to do this run.

    When we registered for the race, the Hubster helped me set some running goals, and offered me some incentives to keep me motivated. I explained what I wanted to accomplish, and together we came up with this:

    116270-magic-marker-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark  1km under 8 min – $20
    116270-magic-marker-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark  2km under 15 min – $20
    3km in 21 min – $20
    116270-magic-marker-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark  5km average pace of 7:45 – $20

    index       5km in 35 min – $20

    zyTogXxiE  $100 bonus if completed by end of the Couch to 5km program

    Every time I achieve one of these goals, I “earn” 20 dollars. I’m terrible at spending money on myself, especially since I’ve had kids. I always feel so guilty when I buy something that I know is completely frivolous or that I know I don’t need. The money I earn here is for exactly that. It’s mine to put towards whatever I want–new clothes, accessories, and (let’s be honest) new shoes.

    I’ve already achieved four of my goals, and I’m very close to reaching the last! It’s sometimes hard to try and find time to squeeze in a run when my days already feel SO full, but I always feel SO much better when I do. I really love running, and I’m finally reaching that point where it is starting to feel a little easier. My body doesn’t feel like it’s going to die after 5 minutes and it feels so good.

    I’ve been using a “Couch to 5k” app on my phone, and I feel like it’s really helping! The intervals feel so doable, and I already feel such a difference.

    The best part is that I’m finally doing something for myself. I have been looking at pictures from when I ran regularly 5 years ago, and I was so happy. I want that back.

    So, let’s do this. I’ve been so grateful for all the support and motivation I’ve received on Facebook and Instagram–you lovely people helped me kick my butt out the door for a run last week when I was so tired at the end of the day… but I felt so good after I went.

    It’s time to get in shape, lovelies. Let’s do this.

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  • Hello September*

    Hellooooo beautiful September.

    I am SO glad that we’re in a new month–I am so ready to put August behind me and pretend like it never happened. Aside from my ninth wedding anniversary with the Hubster (which we have yet to celebrate), August was pretty much a disaster.

    At the end of July I finally felt ready to commit to losing some weight and found the motivation I needed to do it. I started running again, but it felt like the universe spent the last month trying to prevent me from it.

    At the end of July I dislocated one of my ribs and I am still struggling with it. I’m finally making some progress with my chiropractor, but it’s been a painful few weeks. I have trouble lifting my arm above my head, and even simple tasks are difficult–hence how I managed to get stuck in a shirt at Target.

    Even though that’s been uncomfortable, it doesn’t hurt too badly when I run so I kept going into August.

    …and then I injured my knee.

    My last pregnancy + giving birth to Hank the Tank pushed my pelvis and hips out of alignment (who knew?!). I was apparently putting too much pressure on one leg as a result, and I did a number on my left knee. My lovely chiropractor has been helping me get things back in order, but I ended up needing to take a two week break from running to give it time to heal.

    Then, just as my knee was healing, Ruby picked up Hand, Foot and Mouth disease… and passed it on to Hank and I. I spent a blurry-eyed, feverish week tending to my sick kiddos, and my feet were covered in blisters. I hobbled around like an old man for two days before the pain let up a little. Whoever labeled HFMD as a “mild” virus has clearly never had it. High fever, no appetite, and I had sores / blisters on my hands, feet, and scalp–as well as in my nose and ears. It was not a fun week. I am so grateful that the Hubster was spared… I wouldn’t wish that illness on my worst enemy.

    We finally came through the worst of HFMD and for one second I thought about going for a run now that my knee was healed and my blisters had callused over.

    Of course that was when my legs broke out in horrendous hives that lasted for a glorious two days. Did you know that you can sometimes get hives when you are getting over a virus? I didn’t. It’s like the virus’s way of saying one last “Fare thee well!” as it leaves your body. So, I spent two very itchy, uncomfortable days shaking my fist at the universe for cursing me for AN ENTIRE MONTH.

    …but that’s all behind us now. Helllooooooo September!

    I finally feel healthy and I’m so looking forward to the next few weeks. I am easing myself back into running again and it feels so good. I’ve been out twice this week, and my knee feels great. The Hubster and I set up some goals and incentives for me, and I’m really excited about them.

    I registered for my first 5k race on September 13th and I’m so excited. I’m a little disappointed that I missed over three weeks of training, but I’m going to run it no matter what.

    Anyway, that’s where I’ve been these last few weeks. I’m just so happy that August is behind us and I am so looking forward to all that September will bring!

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