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    Letter to the Tooth Fairy*

    The Tooth Fairy came last night!! When she went to take S’s tooth, she found a note (which may have made her heart melt a little). So, she wrote one back. Miss S was absolutely over the moon with excitement when she ran into our room this morning to show us… …at 6am. The Tooth Fairy lives on for another day.

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    The Outside Phone*

    In today’s episode of “Things my children say that make me feel old”, S was absolutely fascinated with this new exciting outside phone that we found! She wasn’t entirely sure how the receiver worked, or why it was attached to a box with a cord, but she was just so excited that anyone could just stop and make a call, right there. I mean, how cool is that? SO handy. (I was actually more shocked that we even found one still in existence. Haha) But seriously. She is part of a generation growing up that will never know the magic of laying on your back on the floor below the…