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The Outside Phone*

In today’s episode of “Things my children say that make me feel old”, S was absolutely fascinated with this new exciting outside phone that we found!

She wasn’t entirely sure how the receiver worked, or why it was attached to a box with a cord, but she was just so excited that anyone could just stop and make a call, right there.

I mean, how cool is that? SO handy. 😆

(I was actually more shocked that we even found one still in existence. Haha)

But seriously. She is part of a generation growing up that will never know the magic of laying on your back on the floor below the phone in the kitchen… stretching your feet up that wall while you curled the extra long cord around in your hands while you talked.

Cell phones are cool and all, but I don’t think anything will top those hours long conversations at night… especially when friends beeped through.

The times, they are a-changing.

Vive le 1990s! ❤️

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