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    Marvelous Meatloaf Muffins*

    I feel like meatloaf gets a bad rap most of the time. I like meatloaf. I do. Sometimes I even sing about it when I’m making it. I’d do just about anything for meatloaf… (but I won’t do that.) I think when people think about meatloaf, it conjures up images from an outdated grandmother’s kitchen. I imagine that they envision their grandmother serving them this strange, log-shaped, tasteless, chewy meat thing that is covered in ketchup, of all things. I remember eating meatloaf like that. I remember thinking, “when I grow up, I am never eating this log-meat again.” Silly, silly me. Meatloaf is glorious! It was one of those…

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    Mïrka’s Borscht*

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know that I was feeling a little “Polish” on the weekend. I had cravings for some very specific foods, and was overwhelmed with the desire to make it myself. It’s not my fault, really. Last spring my coworkers introduced me to the best Polish perogies I have ever eaten in my life. No really. The best ever.  I haven’t really been able to stop thinking about them. And then, on our last trip up north, Spart took me to this amazing little Polish deli. It was home to all kinds of deliciousness, but she bought a…