Marvelous Meatloaf Muffins*

I feel like meatloaf gets a bad rap most of the time.

I like meatloaf. I do. Sometimes I even sing about it when I’m making it. I’d do just about anything for meatloaf…


(but I won’t do that.)

I think when people think about meatloaf, it conjures up images from an outdated grandmother’s kitchen. I imagine that they envision their grandmother serving them this strange, log-shaped, tasteless, chewy meat thing that is covered in ketchup, of all things.

I remember eating meatloaf like that. I remember thinking, “when I grow up, I am never eating this log-meat again.”

Silly, silly me.

Meatloaf is glorious! It was one of those dishes that I needed to conquer and make my own, and once I found a few good recipes my opinion was changed forever.

I had the same experience with ham. Who on earth puts CLOVES in ham? I swore I would never eat it again. Until I did. And it was glorious! Remind me to share my recipe with you sometime.


I made meatloaf tonight. This is probably my most favourite meatloaf recipe as it has a bit of a twist and cooks in a third of the time regular meatloaf does. Also, it’s DELICIOUS, which is a major bonus. It’s very tender and falls apart in your mouth. No gross chewy texture, I promise!

Also, no ketchup. WIN.

It’s great for one of those “oh-crap-I-don’t-have-anything-planned-for-dinner-and-my-kids-are-hungry-RIGHT-NOW” days… which may or may not have been today. (oops.) Ruby loves it.


Meatloaf Muffins with Barbeque Sauce

Let there be meatloaf!

That is all.

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