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The First Solo Drive*

Guess who just did a two hour solo drive with all four kids??? 💪

M is back at work and I wanted to see my parents, so I decided to brave the drive on my own. Two kids slept and one kid puked but we made it in one piece!

I used to get so so carsick as a kid. My siblings will attest that pretty much any time we were in the car for more than an hour I’d get sick–I almost derailed a Florida trip when we were little because I got SO sick. Thankfully I grew out of it as I got older.

I seem to have passed this lovely trait on to H. His stomach was off on our last trip a few months ago, so I decided to give him some plastic bags–just in case.

Once a girl scout, always a girl scout. Always be prepared!

We were just outside the city limits of where my parents live when S broke through my quiet reverie and started yelling, “H IS PUKING! H IS PUKING!”

(The puking + yelling made for a nice relaxing driving atmosphere in the Vanimal.)

Since we were so close I yelled back to ask H if he needed to stop or if he thought we could push through. With half his face still inside his bags he told me to keep going so we pressed on.

(Somehow W and P slept through it all.)

Twenty minutes and two Walmart bags later we pulled in.

We made it.
I feel like a freaking warrior.

Puke bags and all. 💪❤️

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